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Stefanini Named 5th Most Internationalized Company

Stefanini has been named the fifth most internationalized company in Brazil in the FDC Ranking of Brazilian Multinational Companies 2017, published by Fundação Dom Cabral—one of the most prestigious, autonomous nonprofit organizations that is committed to excellence in executive education. Stefanini maintains leadership in the number of countries where it operates and is third in asset index. In terms of revenue, the multinational company occupies the tenth position in the ranking.

Professor Lívia Barakat, project manager at FDC, is proud to have had the opportunity to follow the international expansion of Stefanini over the years. “From a technology-intensive and nontraditional sector to Brazil, a strong exporter of commodities, the company has developed competitive differentials based on customer proximity and has expanded rapidly abroad, becoming a major global player,” says Mrs. Barakat.

Stefanini, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in September, is expanding its internationalization efforts—as today it is present in 40 countries—and reinforcing the brand’s innovation, offering solutions that can help companies in the process of digital transformation. Through mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, the multinational has enhanced its portfolio, bringing together the latest solutions in cognitive intelligence, loyalty platforms, location, robotics, cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

“Digital transformation is happening in the logistics chain all over the world, and Brazil is already part of that change. Automation will make the industrial sector more competitive, also contributing to economic development. In addition, connected things can contribute to improving service delivery in various segments such as agriculture, education, urban mobility and healthcare. The opportunities are great, and we are investing in offers to meet the main demands of customers anywhere in the world,” says Marco Stefanini, founder and global CEO of Stefanini.

According to the executive, internationalization is one of the main pillars of growth for the company. “We are always looking for new opportunities that can add innovative solutions to our portfolio, in order to promote business transformation for our customers, focusing on both quality of the offer and cost reduction,” he adds.

Held annually since 2006, the FDC Ranking of Brazilian Multinationals has explored several themes related to the internationalization process of companies. The research also includes reflections on the trajectory of Brazilian multinationals, their international strategies and the results they have achieved.

The 2017 edition of the FDC Ranking of Brazilian Multinational Companies aims to understand how subsidiaries of Brazilian companies generate ideas and innovations in processes, products and services and how multinationals absorb and apply this knowledge. According to the Dom Cabral Foundation, knowledge management is a subject of great relevance for both companies and the country, since studies indicate that multinationals from emerging countries tend to internationalize not only to gain access to new markets and resources but also to search for new knowledge that will strengthen their global competitive advantages.

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