Protecting Data Requires a Joint Effort from the Legal and IT Industries – Stefanini EMEA CEO Speaks at World Jurist Association Event - Stefanini

Protecting Data Requires A Joint Effort From The Legal And IT Industries – Stefanini EMEA CEO Speaks At World Jurist Association Event

Stefanini EMEA CEO Farlei Kothe has called for a joint effort between the legal and IT industries to tackle the challenge of protecting data from hackers.

Speaking at a high-profile event organized in Madrid by the World Jurist Association, Farlei joined a ‘5G and Cybersecurity’ panel of leading legal professionals to offer a business and technological perspective on cybersecurity – and underlined the need for collaboration between the legal and technology sectors.

Farlei also cited the recent ransomware attack on the software vendor Kaseya as an example of the scale of the potential damage caused by cybersecurity breaches. This attack has affected around 1,500 businesses in nearly 20 countries, including hundreds of grocery stores in Sweden that were forced to close.

Farlei’s attendance at the event follows Stefanini’s involvement in a project that will make legal information available to professionals digitally.

 “It was a great honor to be invited to the World Jurist Association event in Madrid and represent the technology sector in front of some of the world’s leading legal and business professionals. At Stefanini, we can see powerful natural synergies between the legal and IT industries – some of which we’ve already begun to explore – and I was grateful for the opportunity to underline the importance of the two sectors working together when it comes to protecting data,” adds Farlei. 

The World Jurist Association event took place between 5th-6th July and featured high-profile panels of leading industry luminaries, with speakers and attendees including the President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, and the King of Spain, Felipe VI.

The WJA was formed in 1963 as a free and open forum where judges, lawyers, law professors and other professionals from around the world could work cooperatively to strengthen and expand the rule of law and its institutions across the world.

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