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“Room 87,” Stefanini’s New Collaborative Space

An ample space, with different designs, paintings, a foosball table, and an effervescence of ideas. This is the new space inaugurated in the Stefanini office in São Paulo, known as Sala 87, in an allusion to its founding year and the entrepreneurial character of the company, which was born in the living room of its founder and global CEO, Marco Stefanini. The site reinforces the company’s new purpose of  “Co-creating solutions for a better future,” set this year during the company’s annual kickoff.

Over the last few years, Stefanini has been investing in its digital transformation. With several changes in society, the Brazilian multinational delivers innovative services and technologies, developing solutions that contribute to changes in social impact, valuing both people and new technologies. “As much as the technologies are important for the evolution of society, it is only a means. Digital transformation, in fact, is a cultural transformation that starts at the head of the great leaders and extends to all the people of the organization,” says Breno Barros, director of innovation and digital business at Stefanini.

Inspiration to Innovate 

According to Mr. Barros, people need inspiration to innovate. Room 87 brings together professionals from various companies in the group, including startups, to think about joint offers that really solve the customer’s challenges. As in a great creative space, the team uses various agile, lean, and design thinking techniques to understand the company’s needs and present an offer in just five days. “Stefanini Dive enables our team  to understand the challenges and define, in partnership with the customer, the development and implementation of a solution that will help you in the digital transformation trajectory,” he emphasizes.

Currently, the room holds up to 180 people in a relaxed space, with tables without partitions and in pentagonal format, which facilitates the assembly of a fluid environment with the aim of stimulating collaboration. “People get closer, share ideas, discuss problems and alternatives. The great ideas are co-created, after all nobody acts alone,” says Guilherme Stefanini, head of the new business area at Stefanini.

According to Mr. Stefanini, Room 87 makes it possible to work in a more collaborative and integrated manner, as a great practical laboratory to develop and test new business models. “The environment embodies the entrepreneurial style of the company that after 30 years, has decided to reinvent its business, becoming a major provider of disruptive solutions, analytics, core banking with digital platform, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, martech, cyber security, and others. We believe that people working and thinking together can create and accomplish much more for a better future,” adds Guilherme Stefanini.

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