Presenting “Smart Locker” Solution in Brazil - Stefanini

Presenting “Smart Locker” Solution In Brazil

Ideal for large retailers, Smart Locker solution allows the customer to pick up their purchase on the spot preferably from the use of a specific application.

Stefanini presented in Brazil “Smart Locker,” one solution specifically tailored for the new digital retail market. Through a specific application, the final customer can pick up the products at a place and time of their preference, like a bakery or gas station for example, after making their purchase via e-commerce or the app. “It’s an easy-to-apply technology. The customer uses the solution, controls the opening of the door and withdraws their order in a safe, fast and practical way,” says Nelson Duarte Soares, head of digital retail and logistics of Stefanini.

The company also highlighted other solutions tailored to the retail market such as remote planograms (graphic design that guides the positioning of a product in the gondola at the point of sale) and virtual learning, based on virtual reality and augmented reality.

“Digital transformation is impacting retail, with consumers at the heart of decisions. We aim to offer  customers our  dedicated teams to find more profitable solutions, exploring every opportunity that allows us to modernize the processes and to promote a differentiated experience to the final consumer,” says Mr. Soares. The company is positioned as a business partner with the utmost experience in the field and dedicated, talented experts working with the common goal of delivering value through technology.

Through Stefanini’s portfolio of solutions, the company can support any retailer’s digital strategy with scale, fulfilling their value purpose. The Stefanini’s plug-and-play partner capabilities can connect retail companies to all parts of an innovative ecosystem, and our end-to-end capabilities, integrated and modular at the same time, help achieve their value propositions faster and more efficiently.

“The retail segment is a potential market, with plans to expand investment in innovation to maintain competitiveness. Digitization assumes a relevant role to serve increasingly demanding consumers and will certainly be an inevitable trend,” says Mr. Soares.

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