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Customer Engagement And Social Media Strategies To Build Brand Loyalty

In the 21st century, a.k.a. the “Digital Era,” more and more brands are utilizing customer engagement strategies to build brand loyalty. Social media is one of the best platforms among others (live chat, email, etc.) to engage with customers and prospects, as it’s specifically designed for interaction and sharing content with the world.

If you browse through your favorite brand’s social media accounts, you will find content tailored to the customer. This is because businesses are finally prioritizing the customer. Therefore, about 80 percent of the content developed on social media is geared toward the customer’s wants and needs, with the remaining 20 percent focusing on the brand itself. It’s called the 80/20 rule in social media marketing. Check out this LinkedIn article to learn more about how to use the 80/20 rule to increase customer engagement. Adopting customer engagement and social media strategies not only increases brand loyalty, but it also boosts revenue without blunt promotion.

Why is customer engagement so important in marketing anyway? Customers want to feel connected to brands on a human level, with their wants and needs addressed in real time. Furthermore, today’s customers are demanding personalization, so to fully engage with customers, brands must cater to the individual wants and needs of each customer. Personalization ensures customers that the brand values their business and is in tune with their wants and needs. Moreover, with customers utilizing social media platforms to seek out solutions to their problems and share their own experiences with others, it’s crucial for companies to monitor the conversation. This gives brands the opportunity to offer solutions to their customers and get to know them on a personal level in order to prepare more meaningful and valuable content. This is a sure way to gain repeat customers and boost sales.  

In short, customers are starting to care less about the brand and more about what the brand can give to them. It wasn’t until now when customers started to realize that they’re worth more than a sales pitch. As a result, customers are now demanding to be seen and heard, and if they’re not, you haven’t earned their loyalty. 

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