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Learn How You Can Be A Digital Master In Your Workplace

A Digital Master is someone who chooses to use technology in a meaningful, innovative way in both work and play.

Technology has improved at such a rapid rate that everyone needs to adapt to it for fear of being left behind in their professional and personal lives. A Digital Master tackles these advancements with tenacity and care, making them part of their everyday lives.

Technology is everywhere. Just about everyone on the planet uses it every day, and even those that try to avoid it most are eventually pulled in and integrated into our new, connected world. There are those that avoid technology like their lives depend on it, and there are those that embrace the ever-changing technological landscape with a curious mind and willingness to learn.

Those that tackle new technology are those that help push humanity into the modern world; those people are what we call “Digital Masters.” A Digital Master is someone who treats the world as an adventurous landscape that they can take hold of and run with. They’re someone with an inclination to new things and a love of experimenting. A Digital Master is the type of person that breathes life and new ideas into a company, simply because that’s the type of person that they are.

Becoming a Digital Master for many is an inherent trait, while others must look beyond their comfort zone and embrace change that may be difficult for them. Regardless of where they started, everyone can become a Digital Master and be an innovator in their lives; here are three steps that you can follow to become a Digital Master:

Be Open to Trying New Things

Trying new things isn’t always a fun or glamorous thing to do. When most people try new things, they quickly realize that they’re bad at it and that it takes a lot of time to develop new skills that they don’t have. Computers are no different. Even though people use computers every day, it doesn’t mean they’ve learned more than how to check their email and download Minesweeper. It could mean that they have simply learned the exact skills that they needed to and stopped learning from there.

Technology has more tools than any one person could ever hope to use, but if you’re willing to learn even one or two that others don’t know how to use, you could take your work to the next level. Microsoft Excel, a tool that anyone without knowledge of it hates, can be wonderfully helpful, and learning Functions like =vlookup and how to operate a pivot table could take you to the next level. Improving your writing is something that is incredibly valued in today’s world. You could use a tool to learn an all-new language, or you could simply look up some new ways to communicate your message clearer and with stronger speech. On top of that, there are plenty of free-to-use apps and other devices that can teach you how to draw, speak a new language, or solve a Rubix Cube. There are many tools and skills to learn, but they take effort and commitment to do them and do them well.

Find a Passion

It’s normal for companies to focus only on what their employees do during their work hours, but that mentality seems to be shifting. Instead of only finding employees who can do the job that they’re being asked to do, some companies are focusing on people who have fun and passionate lives outside of work because, if an employee is happy, they produce better results. Do you play in a band? Do you like to write? What is it that makes you stand out? With the workforce being filled with countless skilled and impressive people, it’s the stuff that they do outside of work that makes them much more interesting members to the team.

Many people have found hobbies in creative undertakings that take up a significant portion of their free time. When someone has a passion outside of work, they are likely to be excited for the next day of the week, as opposed to dreading another day at work. For them, it’s another day to pursue a passion that makes them happy.

Enjoy Your Job

I know this point seems self-explanatory, but it’s likely the most important trait that a Digital Master can have. When someone is going to do something for forty hours a week or more, they need to find some joy in it. Loyalty in companies is vanishing, and it’s more about an employee finding a job that they like doing, for pay that they think they deserve, in a company that they feel respects their ideas. A Digital Master likely enjoys their job, and that’s why they can pursue their passions after work; because, they have the energy and fun of a long day of work propelling them forward.

People that like their jobs and are willing to make the company brand their own are people that make the company a better place. Even if loyalty is no longer a contributing factor for many, happiness will keep an employee for as long as they remain happy.

How to Become a Digital Master

All you have to do to become a Digital Master is follow these three steps for success.

1.       Be Open to Trying New Things

2.      Find a Passion

3.      Enjoy Your Job

If you can follow these steps, then you’ll make some waves in the world around you, and these are just a few steps that you can take to become a Digital Master.  It might not be easy, but it will make the world a better place for you and those around you. If you can find activities that make you happy, then you’ll certainly be better off because of it. If you are able to learn new skills and find activities in your life that truly make you happy and excited to wake up in the morning, then you’ll enjoy your job, company and hopefully your entire life a little bit more. That’s what it means to be a contributing team member in your organization, and that’s what it means to be a Digital Master.

Stefanini has an environment fit for digital masters. We see all forms of potential and build opportunities around them. Join our team to experience the difference.

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