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How Windows 10 Will Transform Enterprises

We all know it’s coming – the switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The deadline for Windows 7 extended support is quickly approaching (January 14, 2020), leaving little time for enterprises to prepare for the upgrade. For businesses that are not quite prepared, Microsoft will be offering paid Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) through January 2023. Although it may seem daunting, the switch to Windows 10 will be beneficial to businesses around the world. According to Microsoft, the company is taking a new approach to Windows by introducing Windows as a service.

With this new approach, users won’t have to wait long for new versions of Windows because they will receive smaller feature updates twice a year, helping enterprises keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. In addition, the new features will be sent to the Windows Insider community during the early stages so businesses can start testing them sooner rather than later. This allows organizations enough time to give Windows feedback to ensure new features are up to par before they’re officially released. Furthermore, the deployment process has been simplified with “an easy in-place upgrade process” that can “automatically preserve all apps, settings, and data.” Moreover, Windows 10 is highly compatible, making it easier for companies to upgrade to new versions of Windows and perform compatibility testing. Lastly, the way businesses deploy updates with Windows 10 will differ from past versions of Windows. As a result, organizations will be introduced to servicing channels, which can be used to “separate users into deployment groups for feature and quality updates.” The deployment ring concept categorizes “the combination of a deployment group and a servicing channel to group devices for successive waves of deployment.”

How Stefanini can help you take advantage of this change


We understand how difficult it is to keep up with changing technology. Our enterprise architects not only understand the latest technology, they know how it fits into a business and how to implement it the right way. Our Cloud Migration, Security, Unified Endpoint Management, and Infrastructure services help enterprises deal with industry changes, including that looming deadline to switch to Windows 10. Our customizable solutions benefit the end user in the long run, making the digital remodel stress-free.

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