Beth Gebrai, vice president at Stefanini, is nominated as one of the “Notable Women in Tech” by Crain Content Studio - Stefanini

Beth Gebrai, Vice President At Stefanini, Is Nominated As One Of The “Notable Women In Tech” By Crain Content Studio

Stefanini announced today that Beth Gebrai, vice president of global process leadership at Stefanini, is nominated as one of the Notable Women in Technology by Crain Content Studio, which highlights the most brilliant women leaders in technology who are changing the face of the industry day by day. The nominees were selected based on their career accomplishments, involvement in nonprofits and community organizations, and evidence of being a mentor to those in their field.

With over 20 years at Stefanini, Mrs. Gebrai was key to the implementation of various strategies and product launches that have helped the company earn the position of a strategic partner for their customers’ journeys toward digital transformation. In 2016, Beth Gebrai led the launch of Sophie, Stefanini’s artificial intelligence platform in North America. Sophie is based on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, with a focus in self-adaptation, interactive and contextual automation that enables self-learning, human-like interactions and self-healing automation capabilities.  

Last year, Gebrai was responsible for developing the Innovation Center, a creative open-space environment in the office headquarters at Stefanini U.S., which also boasts the first Global Innovation Center in the U.S. – part of a worldwide Stefanini initiative that has enabled the company the ability to embrace emerging technologies and industry standards using design-thinking methodology.

This year, under Mrs. Gebrai’s leadership, other products were developed, launched, and incorporated into Stefanini’s portfolio to help businesses facing new challenges, including Stefanini Care, Stefanini Tech On Demand, Stefanini d3, and Stefanini Tech On the Go.

“The unique ability of Beth to solution, implement, and reinforce Stefanini’s digital point of view has helped our company to strengthen its position as an agent of digital transformation, not only with our clients and partners but also with our employees, academia and the community in general,” said Spencer Gracias, Stefanini CEO of North America. 

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