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COVID-19: Redefining What It Means To Be Human

COVID-19 has ultimately transformed the way we interact with each other and ourselves. Download our eBook to learn more about how our behavior has changed.


For many of us, we’ve never seen – or been affected – by something as catastrophic as COVID-19 before. As a result, whether we’ve realized it or not, it has changed our attitudes and behaviors today, forcing organizations to respond.

To dive more deeply into this phenomena, we hosted a webinar called “COVID-19: Transforming Human Behavior”, which featured Carla Ferber, Stefanini Marketing Vice President and Spencer Gracias, CEO of NA/APAC. Now, we’ve wrapped up all the information presented in that webinar into a comprehensive eBook that covers topics such as forced habits of today, humans and socialization, and our insecure future, amongst other topics.

The COVID-19 Moment

Certainly, things have changed. COVID-19 has forever modified the experience of being an employee, customer, citizen, and human. And even when the crisis has been controlled, expect to see behavior change dramatically for some time to come.

How will the way we think change? How will this change in thinking transform the way we communicate and build the experiences that people want and need? The answers to this and more can be found in people’s reactions and how individuals, social groups, and families create new ways to live.

And indeed, times are uncertain right now. Businesses are experiencing losses as their people are being forced to either go on furlough or even stop working entirely. ​Coronavirus is showing us that we need a different economic mindset, which will create a more humane society. We are not just passive recipients of what is happening. We can work together to respond to this situation as a challenge, as opposed to appraising it as an impossible threat that we cannot manage.

COVID-19 has ultimately changed us – in some areas, for the better. Overall, only time will tell how truly we are changed thanks to the pandemic, but for now, we can study the immediate effects it has had on our behavior and how we have turned to technology to cope.

Changing our Behavior

There are several ways that the pandemic has caused us to rethink the way we interact with each other and ourselves. Now, more than ever, we are living life digitally, with COVID-19 forcing us accelerate at least ten years ahead into the digital journey. What do we mean? Digital was certainly a must-have pre-COVID-19, but technology wasn’t as essential as it is today. You’re likely reading this right now in your house, after spending the day working from home or ensuring your kids were learning their lessons digitally. Maybe you’ve heard of friends attending doctors’ appointments virtually, or experienced this yourself. You’ve had groceries dropped off instead of going to the store to pick them up. Clearly, e-commerce, the gig economy, working from home and telemedicine are now new norms.

Don’t expect these to go away anytime soon after the pandemic has been controlled. Instead, the way we do business and interact will continue to shift.

Download the eBook

Did you miss the webinar, “COVID-19: Transforming Human Behavior?” We invite you to download the eBook to learn more about the topics covered and see COVID-19 and our interactions through a new perspective.

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