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Code Battle Happened: A Fun Rivalry Between Developers In Chisinau

This October, Stefanini teamed up with Tekwill Academy to launch the Stefanini Code Battle in Chisinau, Moldova. In the world of coding, where innovation knows no boundaries, this hackathon challenge was more than just a competition—it was a journey into the cosmos of creativity, learning, and friendly competition.

“Tekwill Academy and Stefanini challenge you!” set the mission straight: form teams, select your “space character” and embark on an adventure that would push the boundaries of your coding skills.

One of the standout features of the Stefanini Code Battle was its departure from traditional problem-solving competitions. Instead of competing in front of a jury, teams engaged in a dynamic, real-time competition. This shift allowed for an atmosphere of healthy and fun rivalry, where participants not only showcased their skills but also learned from one another. The event introduced a tournament-style competition, making it even more fun. Teams had to adapt to their opponents’ strategies, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. And we must not leave out the delightful pizza that fueled the participants’ cosmic journey.

For us, the Stefanini Code Battle is a reminder that when passionate individuals come together, they can achieve great things and reach for the stars. The tech talent in Moldova continues to amaze us with their skills, creativity, and unwavering enthusiasm for innovation.

Bringing bright minds together to meet and connect in a celebration of their passion for coding and the opportunity for tech people in Chisinau to show their skills was just the beginning for the Stefanini Moldova team. The cosmos of coding is vast, and together, we will continue to unlock its secrets. Stay tuned for more stellar adventures from Stefanini Moldova.

We couldn’t have pulled off the Stefanini Code Battle without the hard work of the Stefanini team members –  big thank you for your dedication. We also want to express our appreciation to our partners at Tekwill Academy for their support in making this event a success.

About Stefanini Moldova

Stefanini Group is a multinational company of Brazilian origin, and the subsidiary Stefanini Moldova specializes in the delivery of IT support services and software development, operating in the IT field for over 36 years, with a presence in over 40 countries. From the center in Chișinău, we offer support in various fields such as E-commerce, Health, Telecommunications and Automotive, for top clients from all over the world. “We are big enough to have an international environment, but we also enjoy the local specifics, having local management in Chișinău.”

Our opportunities are for professionals at all stages of seniority, for our Digital Workplace and Application Development centers.

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