Stefanini Group prides itself on genuine ‘culture of caring’ for its employees

Stefanini Group Prides Itself On Genuine ‘culture Of Caring’ For Its Employees

In a world where the work- place is often viewed as a battleground for success, the Stefanini Group stands out for its genuine care and focus on personal development for its employees, as well as inno- vation that benefits its part- ners and clients.

Proving that genuine care translates to a harmonious work environment—which then results in exceptional productivity for workers and client satisfaction for custom- ers—the company has been named one of “The Philip- pines Best Employers 2024,” an exclusive ranking curated by the Philippine Daily In- quirer and Statista.

Founded in 1987 in Brazil by the visionary CEO Marco Stefanini, the company has evolved into a global technol- ogy powerhouse, providing a wide array of IT services spanning consulting, inte- gration, development, out- sourcing, and managed ser- vices. With a footprint in 42 countries, Stefanini boasts a dedicated workforce of over 36,000 employees globally, with a substantial presence of more than 2,000 profession- als in the Philippines.

The Stefanini Group’s suc- cess story is intricately woven with its commitment to le- veraging the best technology available. With a keen eye on the future, the company has embraced cutting-edge solutions, including artifi- cial intelligence (AI). Notably, their recent emphasis on gen- erative AI underscores their peers, resulting in above-average talent retention,” said Chinky Di- onisio, Stefanini Regional Direc- tor of People & Culture.

By embracing innovation, the Stefanini Group propels its own growth while contributing significantly to the development of its workforce, fostering a cul- ture of continuous learning and adaptability.

This focus on innovation not only underscores Stefanini Group’s commitment to tech- nological advancement but also solidifies its reputation as a trailblazer in the industry. It’s the Stefanini Group showing the world what can be achieved when technology meets dedication and vision.

But Stefanini Group’s success story is not just about numbers.

“We are proud to be recognized for what we do best: taking care of people,” said Stefani-ni ITO Director Anton Lutero. “We care for our employees, our customers, and our partners, as evidenced by our culture that emphasizes giving everyone a voice.”

One of the standout features of Stefanini Group is its remark- able retention rate, particularly in Manila, where it stands at an impressive 85 percent. This re- tention is not a stroke of luck but a result of meticulous planning and investment in their employ- ees’ growth.

Among its employees, 44 percent are women, with the same percentage of women in leadership positions. This shows how the company values gender

that retaining talent is not just about hiring the best but nurturing and developing the existing talent pool. This realization has led to the implementation of lad- der programs, empowering em- ployees to chart their own career paths within the organization.

“These structured career ad- vancement paths provided clear guidance on how to rise through the ranks. Whether it was lead- ership training, technical skills enhancement, or soft skills workshops, my company consis- tently invested in its employees’ growth,” said Rich Lagasca, a Ste- fanini Service Delivery Manager.

Jennifer Aquino De Juating, a Senior Systems Administrator with Stefanini, echoes this sentiment: “I am proud to be part of an organization that encourages its people’s per- sonal and professional de- velopment and provides op- portunities to be exposed to different facets of operations.” As the Stefanini Group continues to thrive as one of the country’s best employ- ers, it’s not just a win for the company but a triumph for the employees who find a home in a workplace that values them and pushes them to become better individuals every day.

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