Webinar: "Building an Autonomous Platform for a Digital Enterprise" - Stefanini

Webinar: "Building An Autonomous Platform For A Digital Enterprise"

Join us on Nov 4, 2020 11:00 AM – 11:45 PM EST

In Autonomous Digital Enterprises, intelligent, integrated, value-creating functions can operate with minimal human interaction. Get more insights in our webinar! 

Sandy Yesasvi, Stefanini SAP Practice Director Sujoy Sarkar, Software Development VP

By 2025, people, technologies, devices, data, and an expanding network will combine to transform the various ways we work and, to a larger extent, live. In fact, did you know that by 2025…

  • 72% of companies plan to use advance data analytics to boost customer experience
  • 81% of enterprise customer plan to deploy an IT automation solution in the next two years
  • Service Automation DevOps deploy code 550K times more frequently than Software DevOps
  • The Global Data-sphere will grow from 33 ZB to 175 ZB

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Defining the Autonomous Digital Enterprise

To obtain success in this future, every digital enterprise needs to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise (ADE), in which intelligent, integrated, value-creating functions can operate with minimal human interaction across every area of the organization. Becoming an ADE requires an Autonomous Platform that has been built with the goal of Run-By-Itself applications and Do-It-Yourself user experience. ADEs have the benefit of the following characteristics:

1.      Agility

ADEs invent new operating models that integrate business, operations, and technology into standalone businesses within the business domains. This way, they can be disruptive in one area while still supporting traditional businesses.

2.      Customer Centricity

ADEs create a technology-driven ecosystem to serve every touchpoint of the customer journey. They seem to anticipate their customers’ requirements and deliver the right services needed at the right time through the customer’s preferred channel.

3.      Actionable Insights

ADEs turn user centric data into insights that drive actions, which serve and anticipate customer needs. They are smart enough to pull all relevant information, capabilities and people into the center zone to act quickly and efficiently when making the right decisions.

Building the Autonomous Digital Enterprise

Becoming an ADE, like anything, is a process. Once achieved, however, ADEs enjoy the following benefits:

  • Provide a transcendent customer experience: ADEs supply proactive customer experiences through customer fulfillment analytics by designating mobile as the primary user interaction. By making users more self-serviced and autonomous, ADEs transform from service push(want) to service pull (need).
  • Entirely automated: ADEs deploy hyper automation for business processes automation. For Operations Automation, AI-Ops enabled insights extend to auto-remediation and self-healing.

Automated ITSM deliver services via a structured system with an automated process framework for fulfillment, making apps more intelligent and automated.

  • Service Automation DevOps: by setting up a service automation DevOps COE team, ADEs make use of an evolving role for centralized IT, tech-savvy business functional, an automated continuous delivery of services, and a behavioral and cultural change toward technology buying.
  • Data-driven business: ADEs treat data as an asset and use it to improve customer experience. By capturing data from all possible sources, like feedback and user interaction, AI and analytics can be used to fetch value from data assets.

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So, you now know the benefits of ADEs, but the real question is – how can your enterprise become one? Presented by Sandy Yesasvi, Stefanini SAP Practice Director, and Sujoy Sarkar, Software Development VP, “Building an Autonomous Platform for a Digital Enterprise” will give you tips, tricks, and more on on Nov 4, 2020 11:00 AM – 11:45 PM EST. Don’t miss it – register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4789232267834621965?source=Website

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