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Learn How SAP Can Leverage An AI Assistant With Infographic

When choosing an AI assistant to help with SAP, you want a platform that can assist you with a range of jobs. Check out our infographic for specific details! 

For enterprises to become intelligent, integrated, agile, and business-oriented, they need to deliver operations, transitions, and business transformations through five key dimensions: sense, analyze, decide, act, and learn.

In a traditional AMS environment, IT engages after an incident has been created. In contrast, a live enterprise environment calls for help to be provided at the time of break fix instead of creating an incident and triggering the traditional resolution cycle. This development requires systems that can cognitively understand and evolve to support business users while transacting – transforming from OLTP ERP systems into cognitive enterprise systems.

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Using AI to Make Enterprises Intelligent

When enterprises leverage an AI assistant, they get help in the above areas and more. This type of virtual assistant is based on AI that can sense, analyze, and assist enterprises in making smooth business decisions, optimizing operations, and preventing disruptions. It is equivalent to an intelligent workforce that benefits enterprises right from transition to steady state service delivery and even to sustained continuous transformations and improvements. Further, it assists enterprises in achieving higher ROI for application management with efficiencies driven by conversational AI, business-focused support service, eliminating work drivers, streamlining business processes, persona-based assistance, and the automation of application management.

Applying AI to SAP for System Optimizations

AI assists in five important, broad areas, adding immense value in the process:

1.      IT Technical Support: AI aids technical users by proactively monitoring systems, alerting users on system failures, and increasing both user experience and productivity by automating manual repetitive tasks.

2.      Business Workflow Management: business users benefit from the AI’s ability to remind or automate business process approvals, which boosts user productivity and reduces process delays.

3.      Business Process Assistance: AI continuously senses the business’ changing needs, the state of underlying business processes, operations, planning, and application transactions, which helps business managers make decisions at zero latency, live assist business functional experts during transactions, and prevent business disruptions by comparing them to predefined business rules.

4.      Application Support: the AI has a digital brain that consolidates and analyzes different applications’ performance and execution, which assists the application manager in taking the necessary steps on failures and system errors. This capability increases system efficiency and proactively controls applications.

5.      Business User Assistant: the AI functions as a personal assistant to the business user. It carries out personalized operations by providing persona-based training, Self Help services, and critical incident support, which enhances the overall user experience across the enterprise.

6.      Intelligent RPA: create, schedule, manage, and monitor intelligent bots to automate repetitive manual processes. This AI allows the user to redirect resources toward high-value processes and activities like cloud deployment, future-proofing the business’ core for ongoing relevance. The intelligent RPA also features APIs that are designed to improve bot performance and continuity, as well as automation with prebuilt bots for SAP software.

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When choosing an AI assistant to help with your SAP applications, you want a platform that can assist you with a range of jobs, from your low-end daily monitoring tasks to high-end business decision-making tasks. Sophie, our cognitive assistant, can support technical daily tasks, workflows, and more. Ready to get started? Connect with an expert today!

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