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Staffing The Digital Revolution

It’s no secret that the workplace is rapidly evolving.

Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword. It’s happening, and there’s no stopping it. It’s easy to believe though, that as the prevalence of technology increases, the workplace will become more reliant on technology than it is on its people.

You could be forgiven for wondering if the use of artificial intelligence to carry out mundane tasks, or the migration of operations to the cloud to eliminate the upkeep of a costly server environment, will mean that people have less of a role to play. The reality, however, is quite the opposite. People will continue to be essential. It’s a question, therefore, of skills.

Staffing to support automation

The rise of automated technology has paved the way for an increase in the number of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendors – people with the skills required to design, implement and maintain this technology. Likewise, the advent of cutting-edge cloud platforms such as ServiceNow has fostered a rise in the number of cloud solutions architects.

The fact that more businesses are opting to do away with the traditional in-house IT department, or to migrate their operations to a cloud-based subscription, as opposed to running a server from within their office building, doesn’t mean that people are becoming immaterial. It simply means that the digital skills required for the modern workplace – and the delivery of those skills – have changed.

Take the development of monitoring technology, for example. Keeping a constant eye on a service environment and providing an alert for all stakeholders in the event of an emergency, wherever they are in the world, means monitoring is a perfect demonstration of automated technology complementing the skills of specialist staff.

The challenge that many companies are facing now, is finding people with the right skills.

The recruitment process

Recruitment is an expensive, time-consuming process that the vast majority of businesses will be acutely aware of. Appointing a suitable candidate is further complicated though, by the need to find someone with the necessary skills to manage or implement innovative new technologies. In the first instance, it’s sometimes difficult to be sure that the candidates you are considering actually possess the specialist skills or technical experience required; that they won’t need additional training or time to get to know your systems upon arrival.

Even under planned, controlled conditions, these factors make the recruitment process challenging. Now, consider the possibility that you need to appoint someone at short notice. Perhaps a team member has been taken ill, gone on maternity leave or left the business with a notice period of only a few weeks. Suddenly, the process of finding someone with those specialist skills becomes a lot more challenging.

At Stefanini, we’ve spent 30 years helping businesses find the right people to meet their digital needs. We’ve kept in tune with the changing digital landscape, and with the skills that more and more companies are finding that they require in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive climate. There’s pressure on businesses to be more efficient, more productive and more cost-effective than ever before. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to help connect them with the people they need to meet those ambitions.

With a global network of over 100 recruiters, and a database of 100,000 IT professionals, we have the ability to provide staff to suit all digital needs; whether that be on a long-term, short-term or even project-based assignment.

One trend that we are seeing is that businesses are increasingly opting to work with digital contractors. There is huge value in the flexibility of being able to bring in the skills required, without the need to retain that worker after the job has been completed.

This is proving to be a particularly popular approach when specialist skills are required to support a brief period of organisational change. Tasks such as migrating to the cloud, implementing an automated process or developing an application don’t always require a long-term appointment. Therefore, with our extensive network of contractors, we can make sure the right person is on hand to implement the change a business needs, for just as long as necessary.

Looking beyond your local area – we support cross-geography

We are also finding that businesses which attempt to source their own digital skills are limiting themselves by seeking talent solely in their local area. If your business needs a specialist on a job that can be completed remotely, our global network of digital specialists can help you. If it’s more convenient and cost-effective to work with an international contractor, we can make that a possibility.

We understand all too well that digital requirements come in all shapes and sizes. With skills and technology evolving side-by-side on a near-daily basis, understanding your requirements and finding the right people to tackle them can be challenge – but it doesn’t need to be. Whether the requirement is for an RPA vendor, cloud solutions architect or an application architect, we’re here to ensure that businesses like yours have exactly the right skills that they need to succeed.

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