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How Has Cloud-Based ERP Evolved With Retail Industries During The Global Pandemic?

In the retail ecosystem, a global pandemic brings a lot of change. It results in shutdowns, and this brings many lasting changes. Changes that were bound to happen in the next few years have happened in just a few weeks. As a result, some retailers have to rethink their business and move to make the business digital on a real-time basis.

The epidemic triggered huge changes in the retail business. During lockdowns, brick-and-mortar establishments were shuttered, consumers were forced to buy things online, employees lost their jobs, and supply lines were disrupted. The limits that 2020 introduced encouraged merchants to reconsider how they market their goods and services.

Even after the lockdowns were lifted, one of the key retail trends in 2021 was the persistence of internet purchasing. However, not all physical businesses have closed their doors. Consumers buying from a business via a website, over the phone, or in person had high expectations before 2020, but they increased tremendously in 2021. Labor shortages, website difficulties, and late delivery, on the other hand, have hampered merchants’ efforts and harmed their retail success.

Some firms have struggled to satisfy the increased online demand as a result, but others, more imaginative enterprises, have thrived by utilising current retail technologies and platforms.

Due to these changes, some significant trends are coming into the picture as the new normal. 

Read about some trends in retail businesses to watch out for with our infographic.

Evolved companies and lifestyle

The use of technology to perform collaborative work is a very important element for retail success. You have to make a proper shift on how you can collaborate with the technology and start working remotely. The work culture is more agile and inclusive in the new normal segment.

With the new normal, the consumers’ consumption patterns are also changing. Now they love the end-to-end shopping experience, which represents all the touchpoints. Therefore, retailers are also thinking about the existing processes to cope with all sorts of additional changes and manage the reverse logistics.

Today, the demand has increased for green and sustainable chains, which requires efficiency and revenue in all processes. It ranges from production to delivery and even to serving the customers. 

How to sustain ERP and CRM in and beyond a pandemic

Due to this major shift and consumers’ online needs, the retailers somehow forced them to become responsive, and they can invest heavily in the uplift end of the technology. Therefore, ERP software, CRM and NetSuite Implementation Services are more effective for retailers today. 

The role of real-time information is significant nowadays. When you increase your business, maintaining data sync in almost all the channels can become a huge problem. For starters price changes are not always visible. Inconsistencies in data can provide you with incorrect records. The most significant repercussion could be a delay in operation, or diminished efficiency. 

This is a problem many retailers face. However, if a retailer has a good mix of CRM and ERP software, then one can easily correct these issues. Then, there will be no human error, or any kind of delay, to the distribution of real-time information through all channels. 

Customer Management

To whoever runs a retail store, or chain of stores, the customer is paramount. Retailers are under continuous pressure of losing their customer base, and often rely on brand loyalty. However, this pandemic has proven to be a testing time, and customers are already frustrated sitting at home. Because of this frustration, retailers are struggling to retain customers’ interest in particular brands. With the help of ERP and CRM, you can track profitability, loyalty, and customer preferences. You can even identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, and pinpoint where you can implement better strategies, and drive future revenue. 

Employee Management

Most retailers operate through retail outlets that are spread over different geographical locations. The pandemic has resulted in the extra challenge of managing teams who work from home- and offering end-to-end service makes it even worse. However, when any retailer works with ERP and CRM software, inaccurate and duplicate information no longer has a place in the retail business. 

With the help of this software, one can easily manage the following things:

  • Remote working shift- working remotely and managing shifts becomes easy with the software tracking capability. Any employee working from a remote location needs to install the software in order to manage the shift update effectively. 
  • Working hours- Managers should maintain proper working hours through scheduling so that work remains productive and employees can also enjoy their personal life. 
  • Employee details- in this new normal, many people have experienced job loss, but it also many people have been afforded opportunities to work from a remote locations. In both ways, this software manages all the employee details so that the employer can keep all information under one roof to minimize confusion.
  • New project handling- when a new project comes in, they can manage it easily with the help of the software. 
  • Track goals- every retail company after the pandemic has needed to set new goals. The software ensures that no one loses track of that goal.
  • Offers bonuses and promotions- with good work comes promotions and bonuses. The software manages this to make a good impact on the business and improve morale.

When an organization’s employee engagement is high, it provides excellent customer service and turns the business profitable. 

If these benefits sound promising, check out our page on CRM and ERP services we offer!

Inventory Management

When global pandemics hit, the retailers have to manage the inventory. Overstocks and out-of-stocks hit hard, and that affects revenue as well. With the help of the software, they can easily track the stocks, monitor the warehouses in different locations, and generate the reordering process with proper handling of material. It even helps in the production of barcodes. One can easily manage the inventory on a real-time basis, which you can compare with the competitors and do not have to struggle with consumer demands. 

Growth Cloud ERP is a growth facilitator, assisting businesses in scaling and improving efficiency. With ERP, there’s no need to put your expansion on hold.

This process isn’t painless. These are difficult times. But, because this is our future now, you must provide your employees with the tools they require to work efficiently from anywhere.

Do your research! Learn about some more difficulties businesses can encounter with ERP operations here.

Pandemic: Teaching from Survival to Become the Master of your Fate

When there are the right tools available, retailers grab them during the testing times to ensure that retailers are ready for a return to business as usual- after or during the pandemic. It is also an asset to help you manage things efficiently and maximize your reach to global customers. ERP and CRM software helps you smoothly handle customer-centric and operational processes. Both employees and employers are working on a single platform where both can access data on a real-time basis. It can give assurance to the in-depth result. 

If you are still thinking about how to improve your business while also conforming to the new status quo, then now is the time for you to implement this software in your retail business. You can see the change in your business, relationship with employees and customers and even management of the business. Customers who love to do retail therapy will get a new chance in new normal and ensure that they make the most of this retail business.

Therefore, the use and installation of the software are affordable, but the ROI of the software is beyond 100%. So, install this software from a reputed service provider and ask the expert to give you knowledge on its performances. It will help you get an idea of how the software works and how it will help your retail business grow. Always take advantage of the software to make the best use of it, and see the resulting growth in the business.

Author bio:Mrudul Modh is the chief NetSuite Consultant of VNMT Solutions , A NetSuite Alliance Partner with years in providing NetSuite Implementation services across diverse industry niches. 

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The world of retail has changed dramatically over the past three years. In the wake of a global pandemic, trends show that customer’s want an online retail experience- fast, convenient, and sustainable. This requires all data to be streamlined and up-to-date.

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