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Celebrating Women In IT: A Conversation With Eliza Irimia

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we want to spotlight the accomplishments of women in the workplace. 

In honor of this occasion, we had the opportunity to speak with women leaders from across Stefanini’s global network. From juggling the responsibilities of their personal life and their career, to offering advice to women around them, our colleagues shared their experiences and insights on what it takes to succeed in the IT field. 

We had a chat with our EMEA CFO, Eliza Irimia, and found out inspiring insights. Read everything below:

How does it feel to be working in the IT sector as a woman?

Eliza Irimia: “I consider myself lucky, as so far, I have worked in highly technologized companies; still, the IT sector is the best of them. As this domain has evolved a lot lately around the world, an IT company has a significant impact in “shaping” the future.

It feels good and rewarding to be working in a company that contributes with improvements in people’s business & personal lives.”

How do you manage to balance your personal life with your career?

Eliza Irimia: “Career is also my life. It is a personal choice, I chose to invest a lot of time and energy in my career, which means that seeing ideas and actions that I suggested going live gives me a lot of satisfaction. I am a person who is oriented on efficiencies and savings in family life as well 😊.”

What is the most important advice you would give to all women around you?

Eliza Irimia: “We can do whatever we want to do. Nowadays, the world offers endless opportunities, the only limits being inside of us.

Whatever you choose to do, please do it because you want it and you love it, not because others wanted you to do so!”

What are the 3 words that best describe you as a woman?

Eliza Irimia: “Ambitious, resilient, genuine.”

What does the International Women day mean to you?

Eliza Irimia: “To me, the International Women’s Day is a recognition of how important women are and of the fact that they really matter. It is also a celebration of femininity and spring at the same time.”

We invite you to join us in celebrating the inspiring women of Stefanini and gaining insights into their perspectives on this significant day as we continue to strive towards greater equality and inclusivity. 

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