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Patient-Centricity Is The Key Focus At Scope 2023

As Stefanini returns from the 14th Annual SCOPE Summit for Clinical Ops Executives held this February in Orlando, Florida, the Digital Health Services team are excited and motivated by the buzz and conversations about the importance of patient centricity.

Denis Reynders, Global Business Unit Director, Digital Health Services, Stefanini says: “Patient centricity is at the heart of our digital health solutions strategy. We are delighted it is top of the agenda at SCOPE 2023 as it is pivotal in transforming clinical trials.”

This year the wealth of offerings for more than 3,000 clinical research community attendees was the best of the decade.  With 27 different conferences, three plenary keynote sessions, two awards ceremonies, cross-department panels, and interactive breakout discussions, the program was all-embracing. What’s more, it was all in person, bringing leaders together from across the globe for four days.

Putting Patients First is Necessary

As we caught up with Stefanini’s Global Business Unit Director of Digital Health Services, Denis Reynders, we could hear and feel his immense enthusiasm for the key message from the SCOPE event.

Following on from the rapid mass uptake of digital solutions during the pandemic, a shift is now essential to put the patients at the center of clinical trials. Keynote speaker, Virginia Nido from Genentech challenged the audience to take real action on patient-centricity and to stop “admiring” the problem.

Clinical research has learnt to navigate global crises including the pandemic, war, hyperinflation, and supply chain disruptions. Now is the time to concentrate on the patient and to facilitate outstanding patient experiences at every stage of the clinical journey. This is something that Stefanini has advocated for a long time.

Denis says: “Our holistic Patient Engagement Services address the obstacles that clinical trials are experiencing such as low-quality electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOAs), poor patient adherence and inadequate recruitment and retention. These barriers mean that clinical trials too often deliver inconsistent data and biased results, go over time and run over budget.”

“We understand patient’s pain points and offer support and solutions to address them head-on. These challenging issues for patients in clinical trials can be diverse. They include a patient’s lack of motivation and understanding of their health and how digital health interventions could be helpful, poor digital literacy and access to digital equipment and platforms, not enough advice and endorsements of trials and digital technologies, and difficult to use digital health interventions that often have a complex registration process.”

“With our adaptive, proactive and supportive ecosystem, we enhance the patient’s experience. A single point of contact helpdesk fully supports our digital tools and wider option services. This boosts clinical trial recruitment and retention, delivers better adherence, enables shorter timelines and less expense, and improves clinical efficacy and real-world outcomes.”

Stefanini’s Patient-Centric Engagement Services include personalized patient and study personnel support for health programs, trial and technology education and its provision of eClinical hardware; non-clinical task help for logistics, administration and communication scripts; automated scheduling and passive data collection; and electronic collection and advanced analytics of data.

The Bottom Line

To accelerate drug development and help bring new treatments to market quicker, pharmaceutical companies must put the patient’s experience at the center of their clinical trials and programs.

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