Digital Health Services

Stefanini created its Digital Health Services business unit in order to help companies active in the healthcare industry to take advantage of these emerging opportunities. Originally formed in 2000, our digital health team has undergone a variety of changes over the years in response to the complex and ever-changing healthcare industry. Yet our core purpose has stayed the same – to support data management for market-leading healthcare companies, especially those in the health technology space, allowing them to focus on getting their products to market and into the hands of their customers.

As companies are increasingly moving away from paper-based to electronic data-capture methods, we offer a very specialized eCOA, eDC and other mHealth-based support services including global device provisioning and logistics services. Over several years we’ve been developing a unique offering that not only makes use of fully-integrated, AI-powered systems, but one that also combines a wide variety of applications and solutions that can support your business through the entire process of data gathering, monitoring and analysis. We have 18-years of proven experience in working with leading eClinical technology companies, Clinical Research Organizations and pharmaceutical companies all over the world. The work we have done has spanned more than 800 clinical studies taking place across 30,000 sites and has involved engaging with over 400,000 eClinical end-users in 20+ languages supported.

“Stefanini is not just providing software support to our company, but is offering comprehensive support to our researchers including site assessments and provisioning services, as well as ad-hoc on-demand services.”

Dr. Nadir Ammour

R&D Clinical Science and Operations at Sanofi



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Co-creating your solution includes

Expertise in clinical trial support

Customized support from a wide portfolio of services

Expanded coverage to 24x7x365 in shared or dedicated support models

Multilingual support in 32 languages

Complete management of the telecom infrastructure, including toll-free numbers

Software independent; experience with all major platforms

Multichannel support; phone, email, fax, chat and end user portal

Specialized support analysts certified in regulatory compliance

Customized reports

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