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Stefanini: A Solution-Driven Approach To Digital Transformation

Stefanini’s featured project focused on the overhaul and execution of the entire service desk operation for a leading global manufacturing company. Through a collaborative approach that involved a deep understanding of the client’s distinct requirements, Stefanini successfully crafted a tailored solution to address their specific needs.

Stefanini, a global leader in digital transformation and IT services, is proud to be a finalist in the Best Service Transformation Project category of the SDI Awards 2023.

Stefanini’s commitment to providing customers with the best possible service and support is evident in its solution-driven approach to IT. The company’s service desk is a critical part of this approach, and the team is constantly looking for ways to improve processes and technologies in order to provide a seamless customer experience.

We leveraged state-of-the-art techonolgies and forward-thinking strategies to transform IT support and digital services, leading to a more user-centric approach that fostered higher customer satisfaction and overall efficiency through the strategic governance layer established with the client, which is mainly focusing on identifying future trends in Digital Workplace and increasing value through innovation

Stefanini’s participation in the SDI Awards is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence in digital transformation. The company’s solution-driven approach is helping customers to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Solution-Driven Ideas in Stefanini’s SDI Awards Participation

  • Customer-centricity: Stefanini’s service desk is designed to be customer-centric, with a focus on providing a high level of service and support.
  • Continuous improvement: Stefanini is constantly looking for ways to improve its service desk processes and technologies.
  • Collaboration: Stefanini works closely with customers to understand their needs and develop solutions that meet their specific requirements.
  • Innovation: Stefanini is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the service desk experience for customers and employees.

Stefanini’s participation in the SDI Awards is an opportunity to showcase the company’s commitment to solution-driven digital transformation. Stefanini is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible experience, and the company’s SDI Awards participation is a testament to this commitment.

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