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Explainabiity: Transparent AI Processes, Trustworthy Results

Business Challenges

AI is a powerful tool – with great power comes greater responsibility. Explainable AI (“XAI” for short) is AI humans can understand. XAI plays a critical role in the AI world – it’s the how and the why behind AI and ML previously unseen processes – moving it from the “black box” to a “glass box.” 

While AI can generate enormous benefits, black box models lead to project failures and place businesses at needless risk – XAI models explain how an algorithm arrives at a specific decision, thereby attaining human trust. Since powerful machine learning models are too complex for anyone to comprehend or explain, XAI solves the problem by building models that are accurate and inherently intelligible. 

Businesses need explainable AI to harness the technology’s true potential. Explainability enables a wide range of business stakeholders to audit, trust, de-bias, improve, gain insight from and partner with AI systems.

Our Capabilities

Data Driven Strategy

Map your analytics initiatives to quantifiable business outcomes with a data driven approach. A strategy to win in the age of intelligence starts with a data blueprint and roadmap.

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Sentimental & Semantic Analysis

Our NLP system captures high-level semantics and defines emotional values in order provide appropriate and meaningful responses, leading to higher quality customer interactions.

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Data Governance

Manage your data’s availability and usability while protecting its integrity and security. Governance is critical to mitigating data risks and gleaning insights.

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Vast amounts of business data require optimization to be transformed into practical knowledge. Discover how advanced data engineering empowers organizations.

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Next Gen Applications

Our application services will support you throughout the application lifecycle from development and implementation to management and upgrades.

Digital Transformation

Working across multiple industries, we offer a range of digital solutions and services to build both a roadmap for transformation as well as the technology to truly ‘go digital’ at all levels across your organization.

Artificial Intelligence

With our ecosystem of tools, our global team of experts can help you design, plan, and build your AI experience while reducing costs and breaking down barriers to AI adoption.

Digital Workplace & Infrastructure

From employee to enterprise, our solutions help you design a digital workplace experience that enables a flexible workforce and prepares an adaptable infrastructure.


Our offensive and defensive cybersecurity solutions serve to improve your security posture and protect your data against an expanding attack surface.

Automation Everywhere

Scale productivity, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by orchestrating AI and machine learning automation with business and IT operations.

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