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Why Is Google Analytics 4 The Topic Of The Moment?

Start updating in this window of opportunity and block obsolescence 

The last significant change in digital analytics happened in 1997, with the beginning of using JavaScript tags for web analytics. In 2023, Google Analytics will move to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with greater user integration and preparation for the cookieless universe. This will be a significant new milestone for digital analytics. To make this process smooth in this new era, you need to structure yourself well – and in advance. 

The migration to GA4 sometimes is viewed just in a purely technical way. “It’s just some tags that we need to put there.” This is a reading mistake. Nowadays, talking about data means talking about business and making good decisions. The implementation stage requires technical skills. If you don’t see the G4 change as a business topic, your competitors have the edge over you.  

Impact of third-party cookies 

Google Chrome recently extended the GA4 deadline to the second quarter of 2024 to have more time for testing. GA4 and the end of third-party cookies significantly impact digital marketing. The large-scale segmentations, mainly used by media teams, will be available in another format, with less consumer knowledge and less possibility of customization. 

This will enhance the use of first-party proprietary data collected directly from the company’s channels. Although you can’t scale as much, you need to treat this data better because this knowledge makes it possible to improve acquisition and retention. 

Do you still need help? Remember this rule: generated value comes from proprietary data (zero and first-party data). Therefore, more value you can generate. But with less scale, the fewer owners the data is (second and third-party data), the less weight you can cause, but with a grander scale. 

If you have a website or app, the web analytics tool is the heart of it. Finally, since GA is one of the main first-party data tools, its importance within the business, which was already relevant, becomes increasingly essential. 

Companies facing the reality of first-party data 

Companies already know that first-party data matters: According to the IAB’s State of Data survey, 41% of them already anticipate increasing investment in first-party data to mitigate the effects of the end of third-party cookies. However, these same companies still need to be able to structure themselves and continue to increase investment in third-party data, being dependent on its source. How much of your marketing output currently depends on third-party data? 

The point is: that companies see the complete landscape. The issue is preparation. See: 53% of companies must leverage their primary data for marketing. Only 25% of companies use fundamental data to drive business value. 

Companies using their data appropriately gain the most value within all markets. So, how does GA4 align with this?

Since GA4 is a web/app analytics tool, it uses critical data for navigation, user experience and customer engagement. GA4 delivers a unified view of the consumer between the different digital environments. 

In this scenario, it is not only worth having knowledge and interest. It is necessary to take action and effectively start deploying GA4 and learn all its new features and benefits. 

GA4 Features 

  • New event-based data model;
  • Unique user view, preparing for the cookieless era
  • Complete view of the journey, from video to conversion
  • Improved organization offering a whole view of how their consumers interact across platforms
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Benefits of GA4 

  • App and web integration
  • Focus on the end-user journey — not on the brand, channel or product
  • Configuration is less dependent on the development
  • Uses machine learning for anomaly detection and data insights
  • Predictive metrics.

When to Migrate 

We suggest starting with the final GA4 configuration. Doing so ensures the technology offers improved metrics of its business value. 

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