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We Revamp Our Core Banking Platform TOPAZ

We are strengthening our TOPAZ Core Banking Solution globally and revamping the brand, reflecting the flexibility and dynamism that make up the solution. Focused on the development of all stages of bank management, TOPAZ allows financial companies of any size to transform their core banking processes with greater agility, ease, security and cost reduction.

Fully connected to the purpose of co-creating solutions for a better future, the TOPAZ logo (co-created with Stefanini) adds flexibility and dynamism, represented by circles that constantly move and intertwine. The conception was idealized as a digital currency associated with the banking core.

We have a complete digital banking offer to direct our clients’ business toward the financial segment. The digital transformation required in the new banking business environment is addressed by TOPAZ to assist customers in the digital age by offering a scalable and easily adaptable solution.

Solutions Tailored to Any Size of Bank

Based on more than three decades of experience serving tier 1 global banks with over 8,000 consultants worldwide, we are reinforcing the availability of our banking and financial services for the North American market. The portfolio of solutions includes our core banking platform, end-to-end support for mobile banking, an anti-money laundering solution, and banking analytics.

With one package of banking solutions, we provide an assessment to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities, develop a transformation roadmap, and optimize, modernize, migrate, and sustain all the services related with the banking market.

TOPAZ is a powerful core banking application developed by Stefanini and is state-of-the-art, cross-platform, highly parameterizable, flexible, robust, scalable, and easy to integrate and use.

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