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Unlocking Total Experience: Dive Into One Of Gartner’s Strategic Tech Trends For 2021

Total experience combines multiexperience, customer experience, employee experience, and user experience. Learn more about this transformative approach!

Today, customer and employee interactions are increasingly taking place via mobile, virtual, and distributed avenues. How can modern businesses keep up?

One of Gartner’s strategic tech trends for 2021, total experience creates superior, interconnected experiences for customers and employees, all the while driving digital transformation. What is total experience and how can it be applied at your organization? Read on for our tips!

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Total Experience, Defined by Gartner

Falling under the theme of people centricity, Gartner defines total experience (TX) as combining multiexperience, customer experience, employee experience, and user experience to transform business outcomes. When these pieces intersect, the goal is to improve the overall experience that results, breaking down siloes while integrating technology with employees, customers, and users.

Businesses that fully harness the possibilities offered by total experience gain sustainable competitive advantage, particularly in the age of remote work, mobile, virtual, and distributed customers that are the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, Gartner points to the example of a telecommunications company that transformed its entire customer experience to improve both safety and satisfaction. Their approach involved deploying an appointment system via existing apps, which guides users through the check-in process while also leverages location tracking to let customers know when they can safely enter the store and maintain social distance. Further, the company built a more seamless and integrated experience for both customers and employees by including more digital kiosks. They also enable employees to use their own tablets to check customers’ devices – no physical touch required!

With the right TX strategy, organizations are better positioned to recover from the pandemic as they can achieve differentiation by capitalizing on new experiential disruptors.

Two Ways to Address Gartner’s TX Trend

According to journalist David Roe, TX became a tech buzzword as soon as COVID-19 turned almost every sector on its head. As talent in the workplace was rearranged, the talent pool itself continued to grow, which gave many prominent companies the opportunity to continued creating the optimal teams. TX began to be used as a metric that took employee experience, user experience, and client experience into account. Unsurprisingly, the companies that excel at TX can provide incredible customer experiences.

When addressing TX, Roe suggests the following strategies:

1.      Branding Through Employee Experience – according to a March 2020 poll, 90 percent of consumers cared deeply about how corporations were treating their employees. In fact, 67 percent of respondents named this attribute as “very important.” To strengthen both internal and external operations, modern-day corporations need to demonstrate a strong corporate culture and employee-first attitude. And the companies that do have been rewarded by consumers, particularly those that committed to their team, engaged in relevant pandemic-age initiatives, and demonstrated a proven human interest in their employees. Further, the employees who work at these companies displayed higher job satisfaction, which led to more productivity.

2.      Breaking Down Departmental Siloes – an integrated TX means that departmental siloes have been broken down. By leveraging technology while simultaneously combining front and back offices ensure all team members feel engaged with larger team projects. And when the experience employees have is largely positive, teams work like a well-oiled machine while also snagging higher affinity and satisfaction from customers, employees, and users. How can your business get your team to this level? Make meaningful investments in integrated smart technology and software tools to allow cross-disciplinary engagement.

Other Gartner Trends for 2021

We’ve previously written about Gartner’s strategic tech trends for 2021. Here’s our round up of the trends that best support TX:

  • Distributed cloud – the future of cloud computing, distributed cloud describes the cloud that is distributed to different physical locations; however, the operation, governance, and evolution remain the responsibility of the public cloud provider. With distributed cloud, organizations can craft TX without the constraints of geographic location.
  • Anywhere operations – with this operating model, businesses can be accessed, delivered, and enabled anywhere as customers, employers, and business partners operate in physically remote environments. Again, this trend allows for the creation of TX that isn’t limited to geographic constraints.
  • AI engineering – a robust artificial intelligence (AI) engineering strategy can enable the performance, scalability, interpretability, and reliability of AI models while delivering the full value of AI investments.
  • Cybersecurity mesh – with this approach, assets are kept even safer as security perimeters are defined around the identity of a person or thing. Now, TX assets can be kept even more safely.
  • Intelligent composable business – all businesses today need to be flexible. An intelligent composable business can adapt and rearrange itself based on the current context. Being responsive is a must for optimal TX!

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Stefanini’s Total Experience Capabilities

In the age of digital business, tomorrow is already today. You need a partner who is adaptive, responsive, and can stay ahead of current trends.

At Stefanini, we’re constantly working to improve both customer experience and user experience with the support of tech like AR, VR, and AI. Our virtual assistant Sophie can build better UX by providing personalized experiences for your customers. Connect with us today to learn more abo    ut our TX capabilities!

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