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4 Ways To Successfully Apply Gartner Tech Trend ‘Anywhere Operations’

Anywhere operations is fast-becoming many businesses’ go-to operating model. Learn more about why this trend is one of Gartner’s 2021 strategic tech trends!

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In the next three years, Gartner predicts that 40 percent of businesses from a variety of industries will implement the anywhere operations model to maintain a blended virtual and physical experience for their employees and customers. Further, this model will enable 24/7 support for clients and allow business services to be delivered from anywhere in the world.

For the reasons above, it’s pretty clear that anywhere operations is fast-becoming many businesses’ go-to operating model. Learn more about the reasons this trend is one of Gartner’s top strategic technology trends for 2021!

Anywhere Operations, Defined

Anywhere operations has been on many businesses’ radar since the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. And it’s not going anywhere, with 82 percent of companies presuming they will continue to let employees work from home (at least partially) after the pandemic is fully contained. The trend falls under the theme of “location independence,” which notably requires a technology shift to support customers and a new version of business. And with the rise of “hybrid working,” employees will start to view their offices as business hubs while continuing to be productive from their home workspaces.

As we’ve previously addressed, the anywhere operations approach is vital for businesses hoping to emerge successfully from the pandemic. With this operating model, a business can manage the deployment of services across distributed infrastructures while employers, customers, and business partners operate in physically remote environments. An easy way to sum up this model? “Digital first, remote first” where operating digitally is the new default for business. This approach doesn’t completely negate the need for physical spaces, however – but, any use of physical space should be digitally enhanced and seamlessly delivered.

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How to Apply Anywhere Operations?

Business resilience post-pandemic will be dependent upon business owners having the ability to operate digital tools, which will call for a complete overhaul of most IT infrastructures. To ensure total experience, these changes will require more reliable cybersecurity solutions, remote IT support, and devices or apps that can combine real and virtual experiences.

According to Forbes, all anywhere operations models should consider the following areas:

1.      Collaboration and productivity videoconferencing tools are likely now a part of your everyday workday. Consider taking it one step further with augmented reality tools that can create an ‘augmented office.’ To do so, capture a 3D replica of your office with a digital twin solution that pulls data from IoT sensors and integrates it with platforms for video calls and task management tools. Once your augmented office is up and running, employees can see each other’s availability virtually, assign tasks, organize meetings, and even use mobile apps to simulate watercooler talks.

Further, office managers can tangibly see space occupancy and usage patterns, have full environmental and security control, and rethink efficient consumption. But what about client visits? While not perfect, there are digital solutions that can fill in these gaps as well. By implementing XR tools like remote assistance, you can share digital models of devices, record real-time analytics, and leave comments in AR while speaking with clients.

2.      Cloud and edge infrastructure if you weren’t on the cloud already, it’s time to get on board. The cloud ensures 24/7, secure access to all the tools needed for development and project management processes. Further, CRM systems (which can be accessible via mobile devices) help sales and marketing departments maintain the same level of operational activity. And the benefits don’t stop there. 100 percent business continuity can be achieved with the cloud, as well as faster and more resilient disaster recovery. Attain cost-effective flexibility, transparency, and security with cloud solutions!

3.      Securing remote access cloud solutions supported by firewalls also provide secure access to virtual environments for development teams and their clients. Utilizing a VPN can also ensure additional security for multiple users operating from different time zones. The changing security paradigm now addresses employees and assets that exist beyond traditional office barriers. Therefore, security mesh should now be built around a persona or thing to ensure timely responses and a standardized security approach.

4.      Automation to support remote operations artificial intelligence is your friend. After quarantine was implemented, many business processes that required human intervention were automated by training AI models to evaluate, extract, and analyze data like personal data. This leads to unbiased and faster processes, which enhances decision-making. The best part? AI models are constantly learning, so as more data is fed into algorithms, the more accurate the tool will be.

Still reeling from the pandemic? We are here to support you. Learn more about our response to COVID-19!

Stefanini’s Support for Anywhere Operations

As businesses rapidly adjust to the changing needs of their people and customers, we all must navigate operational and financial challenges. It can be intimidating to face this kind of disruption, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Stefanini is facing these changes right alongside our clients and we are here to help.

Our W@H suite was conceived to support remote working. With solutions tailor-made for communication and collaboration, application and data access, end user and cybersecurity, remote infrastructure monitoring, and end user support, we help your business maximize productivity while keeping everyone safe.

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