Stefanini Presents: The Advancement and Opportunities in Enterprise AI Roundtable in Italy - Stefanini

Stefanini Presents: The Advancement And Opportunities In Enterprise AI Roundtable In Italy

Join us for an exclusive roundtable hosted by Stefanini where we will explore the cutting-edge developments in enterprise AI technology along with exciting new AI product announcements.

Event details:

Advancements and Opportunities in Enterprise AI Roundtable

Ristorante Maccheroni, Milan, Italy

17 May 2023, 13:00

This gathering will explore the cutting-edge developments in enterprise AI technology along with exciting new AI product announcements.

Come join us as we explore the world of artificial intelligence and its role in shaping businesses across various industries. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • What role AI will play in the future of business operations
  • Challenges with AI and data privacy
  • Introduction to SAI and Sofie and their features
  • How AI can help your company or user experience 

Here’s a taster of what you can expect…

Introducing the conversation

With rapidly evolving global technology, artificial intelligence is a driving force behind the transformation of various industries. We aim to explore the latest developments of enterprise AI and how Stefanini is pioneering these innovations with its new Artificial Intelligence Suite.  

The Stefanini Artificial Intelligence Suite (SAI) is a powerful AI solution capable of learning and improving autonomously without explicit programming. SAI offers a range of features which make it a comprehensive enterprise AI solution. This is presented through the cutting-edge front end conversation AI, Sofia, who can seamlessly integrate with business systems.

SAI: A new era of enterprise AI

SAI is designed to understand human language through natural language processing, enabling the creation of virtual agents that can assist in digital workplaces, retail, smart manufacturing, and healthcare. This understanding of human language allows SAI to offer personalized and efficient solutions across various sectors.

SAI also harnesses the power of intelligent automation, computer vision, and data science to revolutionise business operations.

On 17 May we will be introducing this new AI suite solution and its various features. We look forward to talking through how it is adaptable to various sectors and can innovate many different digital processes.

Introducing Sofie: The conversational AI model

Sofie is a conversational artificial intelligence model developed by Stefanini, sitting under the Artificial Intelligence Suite. Her cognitive platform boasts a range of features that make her an invaluable asset for any organization. Sofie’s architecture allows for seamless integration with various systems, from ITSMs and IM platforms to business apps like SAP.

In the last five years, Sofie has achieved cost reductions from 5% to 60% in various areas where interaction and tasks can be shifted from human resources to our platform. Sofie’s mind, with more than 3 million connections, can identify contexts, analyse sentiments, and self-learn new concepts according to usage.

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