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Stefanini Joins Global Digital Innovators At Gartner Symposium

Stefanini is proud to be once again exhibiting at the 2018 Symposium/ITxpo in Barcelona, 4-8 November. As a significant global player in digital innovation and transformation, Stefanini believes its presence at Europe’s leading conference for CIOs and senior IT executives is a natural fit. Stefanini has a passion for enabling leaders to explore the strategic trends shaping the future of IT and business, as well as equipping them to embrace new technologies, driving growth and value in their companies.

Why the Symposium is important

Across more than 400 immersive, hands-on training sessions, workshops and roundtables, attendees will have the chance to learn from a mix of Gartner experts, industry visionaries and cutting-edge solution providers, as well as network with 6000+ CIOs and senior IT leaders. This not only gives them the opportunity to be the first to hear the latest market predictions and learn about emerging technology, but to explore those trends alongside analysts who will be sharing just-released research and offering guidance on the strategic implications of these evolving technologies and industry trends.

The event also offers access to technologies from over 200 companies, enabling budget holders to more easily evaluate the provider landscape and find the best, most cost-effective partners and solutions. Ultimately, attending the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo will help IT executives uncover innovative ways to approach key challenges and connect them with world-leading peers and high-quality solution providers. Moreover, it will enhance their confidence and ability to develop as forward-thinking leaders.

Opportunities on offer

This year’s agenda is focused on tackling the challenges faced by CIOs through three key streams. The first is Business Strategy, which is aimed at CIOs and senior IT executives planning the role of information and technology in the enterprise digital strategy. It will be showcasing the ways in which top performers are designing new business and IT operating models that enable and accelerate digital business transformation.

The second stream is Leadership, and is designed to challenge current thinking about the skills and organization required to successfully navigate uncertainty and create a culture for success.

The third stream is Technology and Information, which will examine the technologies and innovative uses of information that will have the greatest impact in shaping a company’s digital transformation journey. Across the streams key topics include Emerging and Advanced Technologies; Work, People and Culture; Business Intelligence and Data Analytics; Security and Risk; Innovation; Customer Experience; and Enterprise Architecture.

What Stefanini will showcase

The Stefanini exhibit will offer an experience that is highly experiential, making it easy for attendees to immediately relate the learning to their own businesses. There will be demos of their innovation in both AR and AI as well as a range of experts available to talk with CIOs about the company’s diverse portfolio, which includes workplace and infrastructure, application and advisory services, cognitive computing and IoT.

Attendees will also be able to hear more about what a partnership with Stefanini can look like in practice at a talk by François Cisier, head of IT service management at Sulzer Group IT. The company will also be very present in the social elements of the Symposium, showcasing Stefanini’s Brazilian roots with a Caipirihna bar, Brigadero cooking and a Capoeira show.

For more information about the 2018 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo and to join Stefanini at the Barcelona event, see

* While Gartner is hosting the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018, Gartner is not in any way affiliated with Stefanini or this promotion, the selection of winners or the distribution of prizes. Gartner disclaims all responsibility for any claims that may arise hereunder. 

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