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Stefanini Group Launches Project "Stefanini Everywhere"

Initiative utilizes new work models and explores hiring professionals regardless of geographic location.

We are excited to announce the launch of our project “Stefanini Everywhere.” The project explores the implementation of new work models and an expanded talent pool, with a goal to have 50 percent of our workforce working remotely in the next 12 to 18 months with three types of flexibility.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about a number of challenges, including a rapid movement to transfer employees to remote work. More than 90 percent of our 25,000 employees adopted remote work during this time across our four regions. Although the transition occurred quickly, we have learned how this model can be effective, create increased engagement, productivity, and reduced cost.

“Throughout this time, our employees have succeeded in their new environment and have risen to the challenge of trying something new,” said Heidi Hagle, VP of People & Culture. “As a result, we are excited to continue implementing remote work models across the company and recruiting new talent that we weren’t able to consider before. We hope to continue to find new ways to adapt to the new norm that expand our possibilities of serving our clients in their journey of digital transformation.”

Digital Work Environment

In the past the “Digital First” trend was often doubted, but now it continues to be a viable path for trainings and meetings, which previously only occurred in person. The Coronavirus pandemic has also reduced corporate travel and proved that it is possible to travel less and continue effective business through digital platforms. The digital work environment helps us combat the talent shortage many companies are facing by expanding our talent pool and hiring professionals regardless of geographic location.

“Our goal is to continue to grow as a company through new acquisitions without needing to expand offices with our three work models,” said Spencer Gracias, CEO. “The Stefanini Everywhere project enables us to be more flexible and inclusive. We want to test new formats and analyze what works best across our team to co-create with our clients. This pandemic has allowed us to achieve in three months what we planned for a three-year period, and we look forward to what’s ahead.”

The three work models being implemented across our company include 100 percent remote teams, face-to-face and remote, and the flexible model. In the flexible model, the employee, Stefanini, and client determine the working format together.

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Stefanini Academy

Our “Stefanini Academy” also offers multiple platforms for employees to connect digitally from the onboarding process to professional development. The following are the platforms available through the Stefanini Everywhere initiative:

·        Talent Mapping: The platform we developed identifies employees who are available for new challenges, or who can be quickly relocated.

·        Digital Onboarding: New employees go through the recruitment and admission process without any in-person contact with the company (interview, document upload, medical examination, digital signature).

·        Mentoring: The internal marketplace model, mentors and mentees meet to discuss various subjects (career, innovation, leadership, technology, digital transformation, among other topics).

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