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Stefanini Acquires Holding Haus, Owner Of W3haus Agency In Brazil

The goal of the company is to expand operations in digital marketing, forming a hub that already has the Brazilian Gauge, Inspiring and the Romanian Infinit

We are excited to announcethe acquisition of holding Haus, owner of the W3haus agency in Brazil. The partnership is an exciting addition to our continued foray into the world of digital marketing, and we are looking forward to all that we will accomplish together.

About Haus

Haus is a communication ecosystem that has four companies, with the advertising agency W3haus being the largest of them. Created 20 years ago in Porto Alegre., Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, with operations in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Curitiba, its clients include Ambev, Bauducco, O Boticário, HBO, Panvel, Petrobras, Santander, and Tramontina, among others.

Focused on solving clients’ strategic problems by creating platforms for conversation, experience, and content, the agencies will foster our innovative environment, which since 2015 has been carrying out a series of acquisitions in order to expand our portfolio. The company will be part of our digital marketing hub, which also has the Brazilian consultancy GaugeInspiring, and the Romanian Infinit.

The Growth of Stefanini Ventures

According to Guilherme Stefanini, Director of New Business at the Stefanini Group, the Haus acquisition coincides with the growth momentum of Stefanini Ventures, which, in the last four years, has multiplied its revenue by nine times. In fact, the expectation is to reach 20 times in the next two years. “This acquisition reinforces our ability to support our customers in co-creating digital solutions, from conception to construction to communication, and the go-to-market strategy,” Guilherme says.

For Tiago Ritter, who will continue as CEO of W3haus and reside on the board of the holding Haus, there is a worldwide trend for companies to come together to complement competencies. “In addition to the synergy between digital marketing offers, we want to be connected to a group that stands out for its innovation in the global market. We have already had some opportunities to join international groups, but we have never found a synergy of thought and values as in the Stefanini group. I am sure that this joint venture will generate an expansion not only in Brazil, but also help Stefanini to be a marketing leader around the world. ”

“With this acquisition, we want to bring to the market new offers in digital marketing, which allow us to understand the customer journey, generate insights, and business strategies, with a focus on the consumer experience. Performing advanced analysis of customer data is essential to nurture the relationship and differentiate the brands, ” adds Marco Stefanini, founder and global CEO, who hopes to make two more acquisitions this year – one in Brazil and another abroad.

For more information about Stefanini and our recent projects, please visit our website today.

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