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We Expand Services That Integrate Artificial Intelligence With BPO And ITO Processes

More important than purchasing a tool is to implement a complete, innovative solution that transforms service based on the customer’s business knowledge. The guarantor is Alexandre Vomero, head of the Latam BPO offer at Stefanini, who has been working with his team on two major fronts: offering backoffice and human resources solutions and serving the B2C market. 

In order to better serve the end user, we recently developed for D-Link a new service channel. Named David (D-Link Intelligent Virtual Assistant), this chatbot is a custom version of our cognitive intelligence platform Sophie. “Through this channel, the D-Link customer can interact with David 24/7 to answer questions about any product,” said Vomero. “Currently, 50 percent of the calls are made by chatbot.”

The more the solutions are integrated with the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) processes, the better the results are for companies, which gain more efficiency and have the possibility to offer a business experience and better customer service.

For HR areas, our integrated solution has recruitment and selection modules, benefit management, integrated point, payroll, document management, and performance assessment integrating with a more predictive view (analytics). It also encompasses payroll processing, homologation, focal point and fulfillment. The governance area includes management book, continuous improvement and indicators. All these processes are integrated through technologies, workflow, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), mobile and geolocation, and can integrate with Sophie to answer questions and requests from employees, outsiders or both.

We have internally developed the Employee and Manager Portal, which covers most of the strategic HR processes. Through this self-service channel, professionals have access to all information online, with maximum self-service. “It is a friendly, responsive and intuitive tool that has contributed to the dynamics of the human resources sector,” said Rodrigo Padua, vice president of people and culture at Stefanini. “Sophie collaborates with the digital and cultural transformation, as it allows the interaction between human and technology, so that all employees have contact with artificial intelligence.”

In just one month after Go Live within Stefanini’s HR area, Sophie hit the 50,000 interactions mark, answering and solving over 50 percent of professionals’ questions. The cognitive intelligence platform of the Brazilian multinational captures relevant information for quick analysis and resolution of team calls.

Learn more about Business Process Optimization services here.

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