Meet Us at the 2021 AI Summit - Stefanini

Meet Us At The 2021 AI Summit

The world’s premiere artificial intelligence event is finally here! Taking place at the Javits Center in New York City from December 8 to 9, the AI Summit features panels and speaking sessions that give attendees tips on strengthening their AI strategies and more.

What can participants expect from this year’s meet-up? Read on for the answer!

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About AI Summit

The world’s largest AI event series for business, the AI Summit Series brings together more than 20,000 representatives from the world’s leading organizations to engage in meaningful conversations on how to prepare for an AI-powered future.

At a time when AI conferences were geared toward research and academia, the AI Summit first launched in 2015; back then, the Summit was the first-ever global conference and exhibition to explore what AI practically means for enterprises.

Events have been held in London, San Francisco, Singapore, and other international cities, and feature partners like IBM Watson, Microsoft, Amazon, and other global players.

This year, the AI Summit will feature eleven stages of content, which will provide attendees with the opportunity to dig even deeper into AI implementation opportunities and challenges with vertical specific tracks. Topics for headline tracks include digital transformation acceleration, scaling intelligence, and POCS and production. Vertical tracks include finance, healthcare, cyber security, retail, and more.

Stefanini at the AI Summit

During the AI Summit, you can find the Stefanini team at booth no. 125, where we’ll be exhibiting our virtual assistant Sophie, as well as all of the capabilities of SAI, Stefanini Artificial Intelligence. With Sophie, we’ll be demonstrating her capabilities in sentiment analysis and computer vision through a fun challenge. Other demos include SAI’s capabilities in machine learning, intelligent automation, natural language processing, and data science through a real-time translation feature and other applications.

Fabio Caversan, our Digital Business and Innovation Vice President, will also be speaking at the AI Summit during a panel called “The Rise of Enterprise AI Platforms.” He’ll also be presenting a session titled “AI Made Simple,” which will outline what’s possible today in voice, vision, reasoning, and actions by exploring the combination of natural language processing, analytics, computer vision and intelligent automation.

“It’s an honor to present our AI portfolio at one of the most important global events about artificial intelligence,” Fabio said. “Our SAI suite combines state-of-the-art technologies and techniques from our partners with research and other tools created by our R&D team. We’re excited to show attendees how SAI can empower users to take full advantage of the present state of AI while preparing for its future.”

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About Stefanini

As more businesses seek to deploy data-driven artificial intelligence solutions, it can become overwhelming understanding where to start. Our SAI suite can help you design, plan, and build your long-term AI experience with capabilities in learning algorithms, big data, and more. From ideation to implementation to support, Stefanini is there to help you realize the benefits of AI in real time.

We are both big enough to address your technological needs while small enough to be an agile, flexible partner. By co-creating AI solutions, we will digitally transform your company so that it achieves more.

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