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Celebrating 36 Years Of Co-Creation

In 1987, Marco Stefanini, fueled by dreams of being an entrepreneur, founded the Stefanini Group. The conditions for creating a new company were unfavorable; at the time, he was a geologist, the nation of Brazil was suffering an economic crisis, and he and his co-founder, Graca Stefanini, lacked many resources. However, armed with their determination and dedication to their vision, they succeeded in creating our company- with no way of knowing what it would grow to become.

Now, 36 years later, Stefanini has more than 30,000 employees in 41 countries spanning 5 continents. It is the largest Latin American technology company, and has successfully acquired more than 1000 clients, gaining more with each passing year.


This year, Stefanini acquired the cybersecurity company Safeway Consultoria, which has a robust base of 200 clients, more than 450,000 consulting hours in fraud and cyber attack prevention and 35,000 assets monitored by Security Tower, in its dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC), which manages networks, analyzes possible vulnerabilities and responds to incidents.

Solve.it also joined the Stefanini Group this year. This Italian company’s core expertise lies in information technology infrastructure, end-user support, and application services, with proficiency in platforms such as SAP, ServiceNow, Cornerstone, IBM Maximo, Microsoft, and Oracle.

There were three acquisitions last year: Cobiscorp, Ecglobal and NewM. The plan is to continue making acquisitions both inside and outside Brazil.

Artificial Intelligence

With new acquisitions comes new opportunities to broaden our (already) impressive portfolio of solutions. Although Stefanini has been working with AI for more than ten years, there was certainly a turning point in 2023. We are incorporating Artificial Intelligence into our operations, services and products, taking advantage of the LLM (Large Language Models) revolution. This technology has the power to significantly redefine how we interact, work, consume and make business decisions.

“At Stefanini, we are excited to apply AI in a number of areas, improving operational efficiency, service personalization and the customer experience. This revolution not only drives our technical innovation, but also empowers our teams to perform more complex and creative tasks.” – Marco Stefanini

Looking Forward

At Stefanini, we are always looking ahead of us, constantly working to co-create a better future with our clients and our people. We are focused on future solutions and tech innovations that will revolutionize the industry, as well as improve the lives of our people.

The deployment of the 5G network will have a transformative impact on the innovation landscape. As Marco puts it:

“I believe that the combination of 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will accelerate the operationalization of solutions that we have already developed and that are yet to be launched. Fifth generation technology will be a great enabler of generative AI which, in my opinion, opens up infinite possibilities to turbocharge the innovation that is already taking place, generate new business models and improve people’s lives. AI represents real disruption – it’s not just a trend or a fad.”

At Stefanini, we seek to develop skills that are scarce in the market by understanding, analyzing and identifying growth opportunities for our employees.

Our Purpose: Co-creating solutions for a better future

Link to our purpose statement here.

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