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Stefanini Group Acquires 100% Of Tatic Software And Accelerates Internationalization Plans

With operations in Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador, Tatic complements the analytics portfolio and contributes to Stefanini Group Scala’s expansion in Latin America

Specializing in technologies such as Analytics, Hyperautomation, Systems Integration, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Observability, Scala, a Brazilian company that joined Stefanini Group in 2016, decided to invest in our internationalization. We saw the acquisition of 100% of Tatic Software as an opportunity to expand in Latin America. Headquartered in Belo Horizonte (MG), Tatic has operations in Colombia and Ecuador, where it serves major telecommunications operators.

With this transaction, we will incorporate some of Tatic’s solutions into our portfolio, which will further strengthen our performance in analytics. One such solution is DORA, which effectively manages databases and large volumes of information from companies of different sizes and segments. It has an advanced search engine, which makes data available online immediately, with the security of well-defined access parameters, which have a positive impact on our clients’ strategy and operations.

Other solutions are ALICE and Improve. The former is an artificial intelligence platform that accelerates the development of algorithms to optimize business, whether for the company as a whole, or for specific areas and products. The latter, Improve, is a SaaS data analysis solution that enables the flexible implementation of variable remuneration models, aligning our objectives with the motivation of the sales force, as well as increasing team productivity and enabling continuous monitoring.

“Tatic’s three solutions expand our range of activities and enhance our LORE platform, which consists of offering credits to carry out analytical journeys as a service when the client finds it most convenient,” explains Filipe Cotait, Scala’s Director of Technology and Operations.

Considered an innovative and flexible model – through consumption credits, customers only pay for what they use, – our company’s platform offers accelerators, tools, assets, and all of the know-how of our team of engineers and data scientists to help other corporations with data-related issues. The aim is to generate insights so that our clients can plan, make decisions, monitor the market, and, ultimately, achieve their goals.

Cotait explains that the decision to implement a platform like LORE was based on Stefanini’s experiences as a provider of analytical solutions and on the needs presented by our clients. According to our executive, organizations need different types of data, whether internal or external, to make up their business strategies. The problem is that this information is scattered across different sources, such as social networks, websites and applications, making it difficult to collect and organize the data in a usable way.

“The ALICE, DORA, LORE and Improve quartet is ideal for companies looking to expand their business, launch new products or services and better meet the demands of the market in which they operate, offering a more personalized service based on the information captured and analyzed by the platforms,” says José Carlos Pires, president of Stefanini Scala, which estimates a 70% growth in the generation of new business over the next two years. “Tatic will certainly contribute to this audacious goal,” he adds.


Our company ended 2022 with revenues of R$6.2 billion. A large part of this result came from the innovation ecosystem represented by our Ventures division, made up of more than 30 companies of different sizes and specialties, which have been brought together in six main platforms: Analytics and AI, Banking & Finance, Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, Digital Marketing, and Technology. The expectation is to close this year with a global turnover of over R$7 billion, which is roughly equivalent to more than 1.5 billion US dollars.

“We have an accelerated organic growth plan, which will be boosted by acquisitions in Brazil and abroad. The acquisition of Tatic is the second of the year – in March we announced the arrival of the Safeway consultancy to reinforce the group’s leading role in cybersecurity. We have an M&A team that receives at least 30 acquisition proposals a month and is on the lookout for opportunities, both to strengthen our current offerings and to invest in new business fronts,” says our founder and global CEO, Marco Stefanini, who foresees more acquisitions happening later this year.

According to Marcelo Louro, Stefanini’s Global CFO and head of the M&A team, our company has a successful business model based on organic growth and acquisitions that bring new skills, competencies, and products to our innovation ecosystem. “Tatic complements Scala’s portfolio with its own solutions, as well as favoring geographical expansion and the consolidation of offers in strategic markets for the group,” he concludes.

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