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Stefanini And ExtendaRetail Build On Successful Relationship To Revolutionize Retail

In a fast-changing retail landscape, only those businesses that are agile and sufficiently able to respond to consumers’ changing requirements will succeed.

In response to this, Stefanini and ExtendaRetail have been determined to build on their longstanding relationship and to continue to provide retailers with cutting-edge solutions that enable them to remain efficient and profitable.

ExtendaRetail provides a complete and easy-to-use retail checkout solution. This combines POS, self-scan and self-checkout software. The hardware-agnostic solution also frees up staff time, while providing new features that improve the customer experience and reduce employee training time. Meanwhile, ExtendaRetail’s loyalty app hosts a self-scan solution and enables retailers to run multiple campaigns based on data analysis of segments and consumers to deliver maximum results.

Stefanini’s partnership with ExtendaRetail began with Stefanini providing customer support and implementation services. As the relationship has grown, Stefanini is now ExtendaRetail’s preferred integrator, covering resell and implementation. 

Together, the two businesses can almost completely cover a retailer’s POS, Back Office and Innovation requirements. This includes everything from warehousing, inventory management and workforce allocation to promotions and the in-store experience.

Now, Stefanini is building on its focus on retail by supporting ExtendaRetail as the relationship expands into new markets. This will include acting as an integrator to ensure that ExtendaRetail solutions are implemented effectively and running smoothly at retail outlets everywhere from Germany to Iberia, with Brazil also currently under consideration.

The partnership will also adapt in the face of changing retailer challenges. With a dynamic environment transformed by everything from the e-commerce boom to the rise of loyalty programs, self-checkouts and zero-touch retail, Stefanini and ExtendaRetail will continue to strive to ensure retailers can remain at the forefront of these developments and seize new opportunities.

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