From a Family Business to a Global Company – Making the Unthinkable Possible  - Stefanini

From A Family Business To A Global Company – Making The Unthinkable Possible 

Successful family businesses typically plan for the long term, offer financial resilience, build loyalty among stakeholders, and are committed to making a positive difference in the world. All of these traits will prove crucial in an era of unprecedented challenges and have been central to Stefanini’s ethos since it was founded as a family business in 1987. 

Since then, the company has grown including 30,000 employees and more than 1,000 active clients in 41 countries around the globe. This has been achieved through a commitment to entrepreneurialism, which has included embracing change and Marco trusting new ideas driven by his young sons. As a result, Stefanini’s offering now spans a range of technological solutions, including IT service desk support, applications, infrastructure, and the digital workplace.  

While some family businesses face challenges in the transition from one generation to the next, Stefanini has already ensured each member of the family is playing an important role in supporting the business in expanding its offering. This includes Graca’s involvement in Stefanini’s efforts to support underprivileged young people through the Stefanini Institute, Rodrigo’s support for the company’s international expansion through his role as Country Manager for Chile, or Guilherme driving the growth of the range of services on offer via his role as Head of Stefanini Ventures. 

One thing that hasn’t changed is the focus on family. That’s true in the figurative sense of the word – Stefanini’s tight-knit teams work closely and support each other across the globe – as well as in the literal sense, with Marco’s wife, Graca, and sons, Guilherme and Rodrigo, playing an active role in the business. 

Each member of the family is also committed to demonstrating expertise and passion for the business while building on its ethos, including a belief in the importance of co-creation and a drive to constantly make the unthinkable possible. These things remain just as crucial today – and just as much a part of Stefanini’s ethos as a family business – as they did 35 years ago.  

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