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In The Age Of Adaptability, Learn How AI Can Contribute To HR Processes

In Memoriam: Rodrigo Pádua

All of us HR professionals need to keep in mind three points related to Artificial Intelligence:

1. How we use AI in our processes:

From attracting talent to going through various stages of the employee experience, AI will have a strong impact on everyday life.

Technology can help the recruiting team by accelerating the entire process of advertising vacancies, reviewing resumes, and testing. This frees up the recruiter to dedicate more time to nobler activities – interviews and feedback to potential candidates.

In regards to the career growth side of things, AI helps find the best paths for internal employees and defines individual journeys. In addition to this, it also promotes engagement and facilitates the analysis of all qualitative aspects of organizational climate researchers.

2. The impact of AI on other areas of the company (Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Operations)

As with HR processes, Artificial Intelligence can also be used for the training necessary to develop new skills (upskilling and reskilling). With technology, it is possible to determine which activities will be fully automated and, as a result, create more productivity.

3. The business impact of AI:

What direct and indirect impacts will AI have on current business? AI has the power to both destroy your company’s current business and to bring great opportunities to organizations.

AI will no doubt promote great societal transformations quickly and intensely. Therefore, we need to prepare our employees for this stage of evolution.

Contrary to what many people say, doctors, engineers, and lawyers, will not be replaced by AI, but rather, by doctors, engineers and lawyers using AI.

I am an eternal optimist when it comes to integrating human beings and technology. I strongly believe that these new tools will bring many positive changes, and we will use the best that humanity has to offer, combined with AI, to co-create solutions that contribute to a better world for everyone.

In 1963, when speaking of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species,” Louisiana State University professor Leon Megginson said, “it is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one that best adapts to changes.” In the age of adaptability, this statement from several decades ago seems more relevant than ever.

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