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Challenges Facing DACHs Chemical Industries – An Interview With Nick Monger

Nick Monger is Stefanini EMEA’s Business Development Director and draws on over 20 years of expertise and industry knowledge to help our customers save time and money through process automation and user-centric support solutions.

Here Nick outlines the challenges facing DACHs chemical industries in the coming year.

An Overview of the Sustainability Challenges Facing the Chemical Industry

The oil, gas and chemical industries have historically focused on balancing providing energy and goods to consumers while continuing to make a profit, and investing in cleaner, greener solutions for the public good. The main issues have been:

  1. Mitigating PR damage from environmental harm and climate change.
  2. Investing in greener solutions and R&D to meet green targets.
  3. Managing resource depletion while still investing in greener solutions.
  4. Meeting the legislative requirements, taxes and regulations demanded by governments.

Are the Challenges Different for DACH Companies?

Recent global economic shocks and political instability combined with slow investment in digitisation have left DACHs chemical manufacturers with three big concerns:

  • The need to reduce costs to compete globally
    Expensive raw materials, extensive compliance regulations and a lack of innovation all make it harder for the DACH region to compete on a global market, particularly with Asia.
  • Overcoming bureaucracy to embrace new technologies
    Strong government regulation and a process-driven mindset all make it difficult for businesses to automate and digitally transform.
  • DACH’s reliance on foreign oil and gas imports
    Renewables, mainly solar and wind, make up just 46% of DACH energy production and the country is still reliant on foreign imports, driving up prices.

In today’s economic and political climate chemical manufacturers must invest in alternative solutions and embrace transformation if they want to continue to survive and thrive in the current climate.

Learn more about sustainability in the chemical industry and contact us to discuss how we can help your business meet the challenges.

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