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Digital Transformation

Co Creation Program

Navigate complex business goals, generate innovative solutions and create actionable plans for your digital transformation

Business Challenges

Co-creating addresses many pain points across a business. Common questions we see include:

  • How can I understand user needs better?
  • Is there a way to increase innovation among teams?
  • How can I directly include stakeholders so they feel a sense of ownership?
  • How can my teams save time and solve problems faster?
  • Is there a way my company can catch errors early on to avoid costly surprises?
  • Are my stakeholders openly communicating in a way that promotes understanding?

Through collaborative engagement, we help businesses re-organize themselves around their customers and shape new experiences. Our multi-disciplinary team brings different perspectives on digital innovation, working with you to harness the power of collaboration.

Co-Creation Capabilities

Transformation Strategy

Co-creating a transformation strategy offers a detailed plan for using digital solutions to improve physical aspects of your business across industry segments.

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Transformation Management

Transformation Management extends beyond strategy, implementing guided teams committed to overcoming complacency and sustaining transformational directives.

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Transformation Engagement

Drive revenue, bring ideas to market faster and build a customer-centric culture with design thinking woven into your organizational fabric. 

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Digital CX Transformation Journey

Unlock new business value with strategic planning, flawless execution and breakthrough results. Multidisciplinary expert teams work with you to design, build and scale digital businesses.

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Explore Our Success Stories

Successful Agile Development For Corporate Import And Export Applications

Stefanini and Thomson Reuters implement informed agile teams to support new functionalities for the company.

Co-Creation Design

Co-Creation Workshops

Explore how Stefanini solutions can help your business create and develop your business transformation portfolio, initiatives and build a roadmap for innovation.

Co-Creation Design

Immersive approaches to the design
of strategic experiences or products & projects

Our workshop process includes eight key stages:

  • Goal setting
  • Inspiration
  • Empathy
  • Identify opportunities for innovation
  • Ideate
  • Define
  • Prioritize
  • Build a plan

Our brand new series of end-to-end offers support all the stages of digital transformation. We focus on business model innovation and encompasses everything from strategic visions to new solutions and projects.

Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs

The implementation of frameworks & teams
dedicated to creating innovation/new company concepts

Innovation Labs bring our clients’ visions to life through the development of innovation areas. These are developed by creating a map of roles and establishing the governance of innovation, highlighting the co-creation stages, and defining the ‘innovation funnel.’ With this approach, we structure, train, and monitor teams to ensure they deliver effectively as part of a new innovation cycle.



Custom-built teams for
strategic design

Squadsor multidisciplinary teams, are a sophisticated way to bring these two approaches together – with one squad focused on efficiency and technology, and another focused on people – to create a framework that enjoys the best of both worlds. It’s a methodology that brings together people with different skillsets to create a unique team and devise a tailored solution.

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Reimagine your products and services. Stefanini’s powerful digital capabilities with deep engineering and industry expertise. Working across multiple industries, we offer a range of solutions and services for digitizing business at all levels. Our teams have expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing,  finance, technology, consulting and operations.

Next Gen Applications

Our application services will support you throughout the application lifecycle from development and implementation to management and upgrades.

Digital Transformation

Working across multiple industries, we offer a range of digital solutions and services to build both a roadmap for transformation as well as the technology to truly ‘go digital’ at all levels across your organization.

Artificial Intelligence

With our ecosystem of tools, our global team of experts can help you design, plan, and build your AI experience while reducing costs and breaking down barriers to AI adoption.

Digital Workplace & Infrastructure

From employee to enterprise, our solutions help you design a digital workplace experience that enables a flexible workforce and prepares an adaptable infrastructure.


Our offensive and defensive cybersecurity solutions serve to improve your security posture and protect your data against an expanding attack surface.

Automation Everywhere

Scale productivity, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by orchestrating AI and machine learning automation with business and IT operations.

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