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Create A Flexible Security Environment

Your business is constantly expanding, and implementing cybersecurity defenses across enterprise functions and products can be a challenging necessity to fulfill. Stefanini Security Integration provides a single service solution to address a variety of security management practices and mechanisms, offering holistic protection for your operations, IT infrastructure, applications, and business assets.

This cost-saving offering addresses security features across several layers of operating company systems including network firewalls, identity access management, application security, and company endpoint security. Additionally, we provide Red Team assessments to identify and close network vulnerabilities, allowing you to strengthen your enterprise security posture.

Our Security Integration Portfolio

Red Team

Under predetermined parameters, security experts emulate an external attack, identifying weaknesses and providing feedback on how to close identified network vulnerabilities.

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Data Security

Data security services bolster network security and protect critical business data from undesired access or mishandling, preserving information from deletion, viruses, or theft.

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Cloud Security

Following Zero Trust, we visualize your cloud environment activity to eliminate blind spots, set robust identity management practices, detect anomalies, and close vulnerabilities.

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Security Awareness

Our team builds awareness of cybersecurity best practices to strengthen employee security practices and contribute to organizational culture changes within your workforce.

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Endpoint Protection & Tools

Our versatile series of protection measures and tools prevent breaches by building insights from endpoint user data that continuously anticipate and defend against new cyber threats.

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Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management solutions help your organization to manage access to data, systems, and applications, assuring sensitive data is only accessed by authorized users.

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Network Firewall & Security

Stefanini secures network firewalls by blocking traffic, monitoring user access, establishing a firewall configuration strategy, optimizing network rules, and providing regular updates.

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Application Security

Our security experts implement safeguards during app design to prevent code and data from being stolen and continued protection after deployment to prevent breaches.

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