Stefanini Supports Covid-19 Vaccine Study Covering More Than 35,000 Patients

Stefanini has joined forces with one of the world’s largest Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) to provide helpdesk services to a leading pharmaceutical company that is launching an approved vaccine for the general public as of January 2021.

Alongside helpdesk support in four languages, Stefanini is providing digital technology to measure the effectiveness of the vaccine to a pool of 35,000 patients spread over eight different countries in three continents – North America, Latin America and Europe. Patients will be monitored and evaluated continuously through personalized smartphones and a specialized medical device that measures the effects of the vaccine on how oxygen binds to the red blood cells, which is an essential component of the study.

Since 2001, Stefanini’s Digital Health Services division has offered a variety of support services for patients participating in clinical trials. This includes multilingual contact center services and technology provisioning/logistics services for patients and clinical site personnel.

“It goes without saying that Stefanini is delighted to help combat this vicious virus and is proud to be part of this combined effort,” says Denis Reynders, Global Business Unit Leader, Digital Health Services.

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