Stefanini Shares Digital Transformation Expertise at Customer Experience Event - Stefanini

Stefanini Shares Digital Transformation Expertise At Customer Experience Event

Stefanini will highlight the power of digital transformation when it comes to delivering a superior customer experience at the Customer Experience Management Summit, which takes place 12-13 October at the Symposion Rainers Hotel in Vienna.

Stefanini’s participation will include Andrei Georgescu, Head of Digital Transformation, Stefanini EMEA, delivering a presentation on how an excellent customer experience depends on successful digital transformation, which relies on revolutionizing cultural norms as well as use of technologies.

Stefanini will also promote best practice via its own booth at the event, which is the 13th annual Customer Experience Management Summit and will bring together senior decision makers to discuss customer journeys and the very latest trends in everything from clinical trials and digitalization to cybersecurity.

Other key themes at this year’s Customer Experience Management Summit include omnichannel strategies, business models and creating loyalty through experiences.

“Businesses need to transform the way they operate in order to meet new consumer expectations, but the challenge is ensuring that they’ve successfully embraced a new culture as well as new technologies. We’re looking forward to attending the Customer Experience Management Summit and underlining how this best practice approach to digital transformation – which must also ensure that innovation never comes at the expense of security – will play a key role for businesses looking to earn long-term customer loyalty,” says Andrei Georgescu, Stefanini EMEA.

  • Attend the Customer Experience Management Summit and gain insight into the latest digital transformation and customer service trends by registering here.
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