Stefanini presents at the 14th Operational & Back Office Excellence in Banking Summit - Stefanini

Stefanini Presents At The 14th Operational & Back Office Excellence In Banking Summit

Through our commitment to support businesses radically innovate with digital solutions, we recognize that digital transformation is not just about technology, but about embracing change, being agile, and responding to evolving customer needs.

For this reason, we are excited to announce our attendance at the 14th Annual Operational and Back Office Excellence in Banking Summit on the 26-27th of April in Vienna, Austria.

By bringing together banking and financial industry experts from around the world, the summit will host high-level discussions about current back-office sector trends and challenges, such as digital transformation, data analytics and AI, discussing the role these innovations play in a rapidly changing business landscape.

At the summit, Stefanini will be giving a presentation around innovative solutions for the banking industry. We believe that for companies to succeed in today’s competitive digital environment, they must be agile and adaptable to keep up with the constantly evolving technical needs of their customers and the marketplace. 

Keep an eye out for our presentation delivered by Stefanini’s Product Manager Financial Industry EMEA region, Daniel Amarandei:

“Adapting to change: Is this the most important factor in digital transformation?”

In the finance and banking industry, this topic is especially relevant as new technologies are constantly emerging, creating new levels of efficiency while disrupting traditional business models. Financial products and services that are able to quickly adapt to these changing market conditions are gaining a competitive edge, particularly if they also promote sustainability and flexibility. The banking sector is at the forefront of major digital transformation that will have a great impact on many people.

If you are attending the Banking Summit in Vienna, be sure to attend Daniel’s presentation and say hello to our representatives available on the day to learn more about Stefanini and our extensive digital solutions portfolio. We look forward to seeing you there!

At Stefanini digital transformation is not just about implementing the latest technology, but also realigning how businesses operate and engage with their customers with newer digitised processes. We believe that by working together with our banking clients to adapt to change, we can help them achieve their digital goals and grow in today’s digital landscape.

Alternatively, you can learn more about how Stefanini can help you leverage technology to improve your processes and back-office functions in the banking sector.

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