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Stefanini Partners With Banook Group To Provide Vital Support Services

Stefanini Group is providing vital support services to Banook Group, as part of a new partnership that will offer crucial customer service benefits at a time when Covid-19 has transformed how clinical studies are run.

As a result of the agreement, Banook Group – which specializes in cardiac safety, centralized analyses of medical imagery and event adjudication – will be able to provide live support to research study sites in their native language, regardless of time zone, alongside dedicated, tailored software and hardware support.

Stefanini Group’s presence in 40 countries allows the Banook Group to ensure coverage in up to 50 languages, optimizing efficiency during clinical trials, without compromising the quality standards and adaptivity valued by its customers.

Stefanini will also offer a provisioning service, configuring and shipping devices such as computers, tablets, smartphone and ECG recorders worldwide. This service will prove vital following disruption caused by Covid-19, with only a very small proportion of studies conducted off-site previously.

“This agreement is another step forward in Banook’s ambition to capitalize on existing assets and to drive market leadership in the Clinical Research Core Lab market,” said Alexandre Durand-Salmon, CEO of Banook Group. “We continue to enrich our portfolio to provide market-leading services to domestic and international companies. This agreement with Stefanini contributes to our global commitment to increase customer benefits by building an ecosystem of selected highly recognized partners.”

Patient-centric collaboration

Stefanini’s patient-centric vision is demonstrated by its client response delivery time, which is less than 30 seconds. It’s this vision that prompted Stefanini to suggest a collaborative approach within the partnership, in which both companies aim to maximize customer benefits. This is already delivering real-world results, with two Banook studies currently underway using Stefanini’s logistical structures for an international deployment of biosensor devices in North America and Asia.

 “Stefanini believes technology can be a powerful agent of change when it comes to creating a better world,” said Marco Stefanini, CEO and founder of the Stefanini Group. “This is why we’re proud to be closely collaborating with a business that shares our values on an initiative that can deliver real benefits to patients.”

Launched more than 20 years ago and with over 8,000 equipped sites worldwide, the Banook Group has for the last five years seen a 25% growth rate each year in sites equipped with ATRIUM, its clinical trial management platform.

The Stefanini Group has been the world’s leading provider of hardware and software solutions for clinical research studies for over 30 years. Both Stefanini and Banook share a commitment to social and ecological responsibility, which spans sourcing, equipment optimization and the donation of equipment to underprivileged countries.

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