Stefanini Launches Transformation Office to Accelerate Digital Innovation

Stefanini Launches Transformation Office To Accelerate Digital Innovation

Initiative to increase speed to market, big-picture strategic automation deployment for clients

Stefanini Group, has launched a Transformation Office to drive innovation and digital transformation on behalf of its clients. “Pursuing large-scale innovation is a lofty task for organizations to achieve, which provides Stefanini an opportunity to drive prioritization and business value for our clients,” said Chris Schmidt, chief innovation officer at Stefanini.

“Compelling both internal and external collaboration, this office will allow cross-functional client needs and solutions to deploy in a seamless, simultaneous manner. We’re eager for clients to experience innovation and digital transformation on an even more elevated scale that significantly moves the needle as they pursue broad, complex business objectives.”

The Transformation Office was assembled to provide strategic leadership and vision to advance innovation and bridge the executive relationship to adoption. The goal of the office launch is to create a full strategic platform that is easily replicable to drive portfolio-wide efficiencies in innovation. Accelerating deployment, it will allow clients to receive more value sooner in the timeline of their engagement.

Key initiatives of the office include innovation strategy and vision, executive level customer relationship, business analysis, leadership to all stakeholders and Stefanini Artificial Intelligence (SAI) Suite platform enablement, and collaboration between all resources to drive prioritization and business value for customers.

As Chief Innovation Officer, Schmidt is leading the Transformation Office team that is composed of transformation managers, business analysts and data scientists. Currently a team of 12, the Transformation Office team is projected to grow by both internal shifts and new hires. While the team sits at 12 employees currently, it is expected to grow by 30 percent by the end of 2023 with around 20 employees total.

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