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Stefanini Institute EMEA Celebrates 5 Years

The Institute of Stefanini is already well recognized alongside the company. Starting historically in Brazil in 2001, and for EMEA, with the headquarter in Romania, in 2018.

The summer of 2023 brings the celebration of 5 years since this initiative was brought to Bucharest and since when, slowly it started to increase the accessibility of young people to equal education. Nowadays, the main actions are oriented towards reducing inequalities and improve access to qualitative education. These 2 topics represent as well 2 of the main sustainable objectives redirected by United Nations for the 2030 worldwide agenda. For this reason, Stefanini Institute Romania, starting with 2023 is part of the National Coalition of Sustainability, in which we took the mission and the promise to foresee these directions within our actions and to protect the environment as well, while implementing other subjects.

The mission of Stefanini Institute remains the same: to create and offer educational opportunities for young unprivileged persons from our community, to help them acquire the skills they need for further development and moving forward in life.

Meanwhile, the guidance for the activities is based on 3 pillars:

  • FREE EDUCATION – Educational workshops provided without cost for children and young adults from disadvantaged communities.
  • ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION – Using non-formal education, which has the foundation of learning through playing, we approach different topics.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – With accessible education provided to people from unprivileged environments, we increase their life skills.

The ease of use of non-formal and alternative education brings discussions and ameliorates the competencies of participants regarding topics which are not that common in formal education. This represents the key point of defining Stefanini Institute’s latest activity and plant the seeds for further and stronger impact because through this type of action, we tackle life-learning abilities, change of mentality for a better self and part of the community.

The activities of this year were both online and offline, with a high degree for the preparation for adulthood, reaching the following areas:

  • Digitalization
  • Financial education
  • Soft skills (teamwork, communication, emotions)
  • Sustainability
  • Preparation for interviews

Why trust Stefanini Institute as an actor in creating new educational opportunities for young people? The inspiration is from the “Brazilian parent” which integrates the daily activities and need to acquire new skills into a best practice to increase the access to education and to launch the young people from the community to a better future, with a stronger base of self-esteem. On the other hand, the Romanian team has plenty of experience in non-formal education and trusting the process of creating the actions towards community’s needs.

The already implemented actions have reached local impact already and brought proof for the alternative way of providing education, both online and offline.

There is a powerful vision and perspective to continue the initiatives and project of this association, both locally and internationally, creating multiple partnerships with relevant stakeholders in education and social work. This outlines a compelling quality of becoming more and more influential in alternative education for Romanian young people.

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