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Stefanini Strengthens Operations In Europe With Expansion To Ukraine

We are expanding our operations in Europe with our arrival in Ukraine, a country that has been thriving in the IT sector. Recent reports show that Ukraine has more than 1,000 IT companies and employs about 100,000 workers. With rapid growth in this segment, the expectation according to research studies is that the number of technology workers will double by 2020.

“Our international presence places us in a privileged position to offer and deliver new services in all corners of the world,” said Marco Stefanini, Stefanini’s global CEO. “We want to expand our operations in Europe, and Ukraine will be our next stop.”

According to Stefanini, one of the factors that influenced the decision by Ukraine, in addition to the thriving IT market, is that 78 percent of workers in the sector have intermediate or high English proficiency. “As a global company, it is essential to work with multilingual professionals. Our expectation by the end of the year is to have a staff of 50 in the Kiev office that is most focused on support and application development,” said Stefanini.

As Ukraine is not a member of the European Union and the local operation will remotely support other regions, we are conducting comprehensive market analysis to ensure that all activities are in compliance with the main regulations of the continent, such as the General Regulation on the Protection of Data (GDPR), which deals with the privacy and protection of personal data.

New Office in Romania

In addition to announcing the expansion to Ukraine, we have moved our office in Romania. The new space was planned following our digital transformation concept. With plenty of natural light, the environment is friendlier and has several collaborative spaces with colorful elements, relaxation areas, and coffee corners.

The new office in Bucharest has four floors. “We are excited to be able to offer an environment where people feel increasingly motivated to implement our purpose of co-creating solutions for a better future,” said Farlei Kothe, CEO of Stefanini EMEA.

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