Stefanini Bolsters Italian and Romanian Presence in EMEA through Strategic Talent Hires and Acquisition - Stefanini

Stefanini Bolsters Italian And Romanian Presence In EMEA Through Strategic Talent Hires And Acquisition

Stefanini Group is strategically expanding its presence in the EMEA region, with a particular focus on Italy and Romania. In Italy, the acquisition of, an IT services company, strengthens Stefanini’s European growth efforts. Simultaneously, Stefanini is executing a robust expansion strategy in Romania, where it has already acquired in the past few years a cybersecurity company and a digital marketing agency, with further plans for growth and hiring. This dual-pronged approach underscores Stefanini’s dedication to consolidating its position in these critical markets and establishing itself as a significant player in the EMEA tech landscape.

In Italy, the strategic acquisition of strengthens Stefanini’s presence with its 200 employees and expertise in IT infrastructure, end-user support, and platforms like SAP and ServiceNow. With a nearly 100% contract renewal rate, client loyalty was a key factor in closing the sale, and this move fits in with Stefanini’s emphasis on technological solutions. The founders and management of will actively contribute to a smooth integration, preserving the company’s culture. This acquisition marks Stefanini’s entry into the Italian market, enhancing its local presence and further engaging with customers in key European countries.

Farlei Kothe, CEO of Stefanini EMEA, highlighted the strategic importance of the acquisition, stating, “The acquisition of is strategically important, allowing us to establish a local presence in key European countries. This local presence is crucial for winning new customers and engaging more closely with them. It’s about being where our customers are and offering them the high-quality services they expect.”

The company offers a diverse range of services, including Application Development and Maintenance, Cyber Security, M365 Platform, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, and Remote Technical Support. In 2023, Stefanini expanded its workforce in Italy by integrating into the Stefanini EMEA ecosystem.

Marco Stefanini, Global CEO and Founder of Stefanini Group, emphasized the company’s commitment to inclusivity, stating, “We are hiring in every city in Romania. Now, in the tech industry, we can be more democratic and give a chance to employees from smaller cities anywhere in the world. Staying at the forefront in the ever-evolving tech industry is all about our entrepreneurial mindset. We’re open to new technologies and encourage our employees to explore and experiment with new approaches, which is central to our strategy for continuous innovation.

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