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Top Six Ways Small And Midsized Businesses Can Benefit From SAP Software

SAP software provides dedicated help to small and midsize businesses. From data analytics to cloud solutions, SAP is here for any and all of your business’ needs.


You’ve likely heard of SAP software before – and it’s likely your business relies upon it. And the number of businesses dependent upon SAP is only increasing.

While SAP software is certainly an asset to large enterprises, it also provides dedicated help to small and midsize businesses. From data analytics to cloud solutions, SAP is here for any and all of business’ needs.

What is SAP? Find out here!

About SAP

SAP – an acronym for systems, applications, and products – is the world’s No. 1 cloud business software company. The company boasts 18,300+ partners worldwide with 200 million cloud users leveraging SAP solutions in 180 countries. Further, 91 percent of Forbes Global 2000 are SAP customers.

No matter the industry, SAP is recognized as a Leader across all categories by allowing for future growth without costly integration. It can be implemented in small and midsize businesses, which make up 80 percent of SAP’s customers. SAP assists with creating tighter connections with customers’ clients and automating routine tasks, among other benefits.

SAP helps in the following areas:

ERP and Finance

With ERP software built for SMEs, businesses can run better and faster, moving beyond basic accounting software to scale efficiently and control costs, both on premise and in the cloud. Solutions include:

1)      SAP Business One

By using business management software and ERP tools that are designed to evolve, companies can gain greater control. They can also drive profitable growth by streamlining processes, making decisions based on real-time insight, and overall, improving insight.

2)      SAP Business ByDesign 

By using cloud-based ERP software, midsize businesses can both compete and grow. All processes – from finance to customer relationship management – can be streamlined while acting on real-time analytics insights and grabbing new opportunities quickly.

3)      SAP S/4HANA 

Standardized processes, accelerated time to value and rapid innovation can maximize the agility of growing businesses by unlocking new levels of performance with intelligent automation.

Overall, an ERP system for small businesses can help companies meet their goals for value, agility and control.

HR and People Engagement

Cloud HR software for small and midsize businesses can be used to build the right team. By automating human resources processes with cloud-based human experience management solutions, time can be freed up for more strategic initiatives. Benefits include:

1)      Core Human Resources and Payroll 

Reduce complexity while defining and executing successful people strategies. Help employees work more efficiently and support growing businesses with solutions for core HR and payroll from SAP SuccessFactors.

2)      Learning 

Easily accessible, user-friendly, and personalized training tools can inspire a culture of continuous learning. SAP’s cost-effective solutions can help employees develop the skills needed to create value for the business by improving performance.

3)      Performance and Compensation 

Create a true pay-for-performance and motivate employees to perform at their best. Performance and compensation software from SAP SuccessFactors provides simple solutions that enable smarter compensation and winning performance management.

4)      Recruiting and Onboarding 

Onboard the right people who are the best fit for the needs of your business quickly and efficiently. SAP SuccessFactors HR management solutions help simplify your recruiting and onboarding processes and inspire a foundation for employee success.

CRM and Customer Experience

Cost-effective, cloud-based technology can build customer trust and loyalty, stemming from a seamless customer experience. Streamline end-to-end processes – from marketing to service and e-commerce – and unify data for increased efficiency and lower cost and risk for the business.

1)      SAP Customer Data Cloud

Put consumers in control of their preferences and personal data and provide secure digital experiences. SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions can boost customer retention, lifetime value and brand loyalty by creating trust with transparency and facilitating compliance with data protection laws.

2)      SAP Marketing Cloud 

Deliver personalized and relevant experiences across all channels throughout the entire customer journey, gaining deeper customer insights in the process. SAP Marketing Cloud solutions function on a single, unified platform to help centralize marketing data and activities, segment lists, personalize offers and deploy cost-effective campaigns.

3)      SAP Commerce Cloud 

From e-commerce, mobile, chat and social platforms to contact centers and stores, a consistent customer experience across all channels is necessary. SAP Commerce Cloud solutions assists growing businesses to support cost-effective order management and fulfillment, data-driven customization, and real-time inventory management.

4)      SAP Sales Cloud 

Harness timely information to engage customers throughout the buying journey in more meaningful ways. SAP Sales Cloud solutions allows sales teams to acquire the insights they need to engage relevant customer interactions and accelerate sales performance and productivity.

5)      SAP Service Cloud 

High-value, personalized customer service should be provided before, during and after a purchase. SAP Service Cloud solutions connect service agents with the right tools and expertise at the right time. As a result, service can be delivered to customers via field service, self-service sites or call centers.

6)      SAP Upscale Commerce 

Using SAP’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) commerce solution, create mobile-first shopping experiences and deploy them quickly. Test markets and pop-up stores and launch new products with intuitive mobile apps and progressive Web stores optimized for mobile, Web, tablet, and desktop devices.


Data analytics for small and midsize business can transform decision-making by replacing confusing spreadsheets and scattered data. Solutions include the SAP Analytics Cloud, which provides BI, planning and advanced analytics tools.

Rather than relying on separate, disconnected reporting and planning tools, embrace a single solution for enterprise planning, augmented analytics, and business intelligence.

This investment gives employees everything they need to make confident, quick decisions for better business outcomes through cloud deployment, ad hoc queries, collaboration tools and real-time analytics.

Database and Data Management

Fast-track innovation and gain control of Big Data with powerful database, cloud platform solutions and data management. Benefits and solutions include:

1)      SAP HANA and Database 

Make better-informed decisions to compete strategically in a fast-paced business environment. The SAP HANA platform and database management software for data storage helps improve responses and insights by running advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions on real-time data.

2)      Master Data Management

Implement fully digitalized and automated business processes and leverage a single, trustworthy view of master data across domains.

3)      Data Intelligence and Orchestration 

Harness innovative technologies and integrate distributed data effectively to create an intelligent enterprise, getting maximum value from data in the process. Manage information, understand data and customize processes with software from SAP.

4)      Data Quality and Integration

Connect, collect and transform data into an ever-ready, trusted resource for data-driven applications.

5)      Information Governance and Metadata Management

Give meaning to data and establish trust to enable the entire organization to extract value from information with data profiling and monitoring, metadata management and information lifecycle management tools from SAP.

6)      SAP Cloud Platform 

Improve employee productivity by optimizing and automating processes, integrating applications, and extending business applications. Unleash agile innovation by adopting prebuilt applications from SAP App Center or rapidly developing applications.

Procurement and Expense Management

Cloud solutions can help streamline and automate expense management and procurement processes. Solutions include:

1)      Travel and Expense Products from SAP Concur 

Businesses can create a single connected process that automates expense, travel, and invoice management to handle cash flow better, enhance the transparency of spend, and connect the financial systems and tools upon which businesses have been built upon.

2)      Procurement Products from SAP Ariba 

Provide a consumer-like buying experience by improving cash-flow management, spend visibility and compliance with procurement applications from SAP.

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