Sales Summit 2019 - Stefanini

Sales Summit 2019

In late July, we held our annual Sales Summit event where 52 of our salespeople, SMEs and VPs gathered to discuss our overall performance and ideas for the upcoming year. This year’s theme was It’s All About Digital – Prepare for the Unexpected.

Spencer Gracias, CEO of Stefanini North America and Asia-Pacific, opened with an NA/APAC business review of the first semester. Financial performance was the focal point of the conversation, followed by goals for the second semester. Furthermore, a 2019 forecast was given, which included opportunities for revenue growth by the end of the year, projections and assumptions, and action plans in digital and ITO.

The three-day event was filled with creativity, insightful discussion, and innovative ideas. In our deep dive sessions, we explored digital c-suite personas. In our roundtable discussions, we listened to expert insights surrounding Industry 4.0, customer experience and digital marketing, AI for business, Salesforce, ServiceNow, AMS and low code solution, cloud strategy and enterprise, and AI and analytics. Our brainstorming sessions forced us to reimagine digital for tomorrow with new ideas and solutions.

To go with the theme Prepare for the Unexpected, attendees were treated to a special acoustic performance by Spencer, Gloria D’Arezzo, business development manager, and Darcy Day, facilities assistant, during the company barbecue that took place during the event.

This incredible collaboration and partnership displays our agility and flexibility as a company. It also shows how as colleagues, we can find a common ground, and once that common ground is established, we work better together.

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