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May Webinars: Looking Back With Our EMagazine

COVID-19 still has us in its grasp. Gain a new perspective on working throughout the pandemic by downloading our May eMagazine, with articles by our speakers! 

We’re in the grips of summer, yet COVID-19 still has us in its grasp. People continue to work remotely, travel remains restricted, and despite the fact that many states have entered various stages of opening up, people are still cautious when they go out to grocery stores and restaurants.

In May, we continued our educational journey around the topic of COVID-19 through another series of webinars, presenting a range of topics meant to inform and elevate our viewers’ knowledge.

The COVID-19 Moment

Odds are, hardly a day goes by when you do not hear the terms “coronavirus” and “COVID-19.” Despite our collective desire for life to “go back to normal,” it seems that the normal has shifted to the “next normal.” The coronavirus is not only a health crisis of seemingly boundless proportions — it’s also an immediate restructuring of the global economic order. As days go on, it becomes clearer and clearer that when history books look back on this era, it will be defined by a noticeable split: the period before COVID-19 and the “next normal” that will emerge post-pandemic.

While these circumstances are certainly unprecedented, they also are bringing about a dramatic reconfiguring of the economic and social order in which society and business have typically functioned. As the pandemic continues to unfold – with some fearing a second wave as places open up – we will soon see the beginning of a discussion about what the next normal could entail. Further, we will witness debate arise over how different the future will look when compared to the norms we previously knew.

Stefanini’s May eMagazine

While coronavirus has certainly brought about a lot of uncertainty, it has reinforced that home is the center of our physical lives while the world has become the center of our virtual life. We work and live at home while living our social lives digitally, reinforcing that technology is an absolute necessity in COVID-19 times. Further, COVID-19 is accelerating the digital future, making us appreciate our relationship with each other while also reshaping the way we do business. A post-COVID-19 world is proving to deliver trends that we need to pay attention to now in order to stay ahead of changes brought on by the virus.

When it comes to industries like the Retail world, everything starts with the Customer and ends with the Customer – and is about the Customer all the way through. In order to stay on the right track, businesses should focus on increased productivity and doing more with less. In other industries like pharma, “data is the new oil.” Due to rapid advancements in scientific and disruptive technologies, pharma and biopharma companies have generated and are experiencing a deluge of information and data across the enterprise. As we are seeing in the market and across our customers in the industry, Pharmaceutical companies can play a central role in the digital revolution of healthcare, certainly one of the biggest changes brought on by COVID-19.

While businesses are reforming the way they do business, they also are hiring differently. This, of course, brings us to The War for Talent.  In today’s uncertain economic climate, you must be strategic, utilize the latest technology, be innovative, have empathy, be creative, take calculated risks, and make sure you have strong leadership. Now more than ever, we need to blend more worlds, universes, skills and experiences – now more than ever, we need to be a multi-functional and agile partner for our employees and our clients.

Finally, as we discuss the future, we also look at what cities will resemble as technology continues to accelerate and COVID-19 is controlled. Urban cities are growing more quickly and as a result, challenges in living, working, operating, managing, and moving are also rising. This brings us to Smart Living Solutions, which combine the excellence of managing a city with the ability to give citizens inspiration and motivation.

Download the eMagazine

Change is happening and it’s happening now. Yet, human beings more often than not prove to be strong in the face of adversity. We will focus on the future and change what we need to in order to survive, be it in business or in other areas.

Did you miss our May webinars? We invite you to download the eMagazine to learn more about the topics various seminars covered and gain a new perspective on COVID-19 and our reaction to it.

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