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[eBOOK] COVID-19 Accelerating The Cloud Journey: Time For Business

COVID-19 has ultimately accelerated our usage of the cloud. Download our eBook to learn more about how our retail is changed and what to expect post-pandemic. 

COVID-19 was initially seen as a matter of health, care and attention that needed to be paid to preventive habits. However, society watched it escalate to a global health issue, which now represents a marked economic crisis. Now, we find ourselves increasingly relying on technological tools like the cloud to help see us through to the other side of this crisis.

Our latest eBook, “COVID-19 Accelerating the Cloud Journey: Time for Business” dives into how COVID-19 is affecting our decision-making, the home office movement, and much more.

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COVID-19 and the Home Office Movement

The first and most immediate impact of COVID-19 was the challenges that came with isolation and the need for companies to make operating remotely (in the Home Office) possible by adopting new technologies and training the entire team.

When facing this challenge, each manager now saw himself in a new context and working for a new company full of modern possibilities and that had the power of adaptability necessary to reinvent itself and meet the market’s new demands. It is with this vision that the most profound changes of digital transformation are made possible, with the emergence of new business channels, which also showed that this multichannel experience needs to be integrated as a single channel.

But the challenge of digital transformation, operation in the home office and inexperience at different times to deal with new technologies raise a new range of risks – especially risks in terms of information security, compliance with the rules and laws of each sector, and continuous pressure linked to survival to reduce and control costs, which proved to be very volatile in a scenario of high economic uncertainty.

Yet, this scenario is favorable to companies that adapt and seek the technology, methodology, and processes that are more agile, elastic, and can be adapted to the business, reaffirming the importance of scaling agile methods for the business, prioritizing cloud technology, paying for use, optimized decision structures, and the empowerment of professionals.

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Are you curious about how COVID-19 has shaped how we view the cloud? We invite you to download our eBook, “COVID-19 Accelerating the Cloud Journey: Time for Business,” to learn more about the topics covered and the many ways we can benefit from COVID-19 and the cloud through a new perspective by using the cloud.

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